all in ones (printer/scanner/copier) which is best

  di 10:29 07 Jul 2003

I want to buy an all in one Printer/Scanner/Photocopier, but not fax, I have read lots of write ups about the various ones and have narrowed it down to Canon and HP, my budget is £300. The only draw backs I have read about are, the HP cartridges are expensive and make the cost of printing each item twice that of the Canon, and the canon mpc200 and 400 are supposed to have very poor ocr, I have no Idea what that is, only that it is very bad at word recognition on scanned items. Does anyone have either of the all in ones above or have any comments to make?, I would also like to know if you can use these machines to photocopy items without the computer having to be switched on. thanks for all your help
from an ageing computer user

  kev57 11:43 07 Jul 2003

I've had a HP PSC950 for almost 12mths and find it to be one of the best around. As for ink cartridges I always use compatibles from click here they are less than 1/2 price of the original cartidge and postage etc is free, hope this is of help

  LANDCRUISER 11:56 07 Jul 2003

i have recently bought a lexmark x5150 from qvc shopping chanell & its very very good it cost me £123 approx on their deal of the day,if you cannot get qvc on your tv then go to their web site & order it,their web address is uk if you do not like ordering from the web most of the high steet shops like curry,pc world ect sell this model but they are more expensive about &150 the ink carrige are colure &30 app black &25app. this machine can do things without booting the computer up which is a very usefull will not be sorry if you buy this,the dotts per inch is the highest on the market so the copying & the scanning is second to none & its very fast machine let me know if you buy this,hope this help you LANDCRUISER

  Dr. Charles 12:02 07 Jul 2003

I agree with Kev57, HP do some really good kit and I have used their equipment for many years.

As kev I now use the generic cartridges as when you get a genuine HP cartridge be "Faulty" the shop where I used to buy them from has to send them back to HP and then comes back with a verdict as to whether HP will replace it.

In this its a pain and although I used to be fiercely loyal to HP in this, I know use generic stuff.

I don`t know if you saw the consumer Assoc did a test on Cartridges and it seems that when they indicate they are empty or getting that way in actual fact they have a further third to go - -so don`t stop printing.

Sorry its a hobbyhorse of mine I think the cartridge thing is a big "Rip off"



  DieSse 12:04 07 Jul 2003

Have a look here at the review of all-in-ones. click here and go to the labs section.

The HP comes top, with the Canon 600 second.

I supply only HP machines, and people have been extremely pleased with 1210s, 2110s, and 2210s that they have had.

Sorry, can't answer for the Canons myself - probably very few people have compared them side by side except in magazines.

  artist 15:56 07 Jul 2003

I've got HP 950 too - no problems at all.

Got my Computer Active in post today - for sale on thursday - there's an article about all in ones in there.

  di 10:59 08 Jul 2003

I really appreciate the time and trouble you all take to post an answer to my problem, I think you have swayed me towards an HP, I had forgotten about the compattable cartridges,(when my monitor packed in last year I bought a HP direct form their website, it was really good value and works great) I have bought original cartridges for my old printer so far, and admit I don't change them untill the ink dosn't come out anymore, not when it tells me to! I will get the new comp active today and read the article and look at the link to pcpro, thanks again every one.

I will have to post again soon as I enjoy reading all the solutions!

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