All in one Printer

  NotSureBoutThis 02:31 09 Dec 2006


Can anyone confirm if it’s possible to scan a general letter on my all in one printer, to my computer?

If so, how please?


  Enoch 06:19 09 Dec 2006

After you scan using your PC you will be asked were to save the results. You then give the PC the file were to save and "hey presto", scan saved

  NotSureBoutThis 06:49 09 Dec 2006

Hi Enoch

Thanks for the info

However, I just noticed I have posted in the forum, I should have posted in the “Beginners Forum”

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I’m learning, how do I scan using the PC.

Once I put the letter on the printer, I’m lost then.

  jack 08:30 09 Dec 2006

Assuming you have installed the software disk that came with the allinone- and you click on the icon
You will be presented with a window with all the options- it will be done in icons so simply play around - if required have a pen and paper to hand to make notes as things happen.

  wiz-king 08:31 09 Dec 2006

What do you want to do with the letter?
You should be able to scan it and save it as a picture that you can print. Some scanners have software (OCR) that will let you store the content as a text file so that it can be altered and then saved. If you post again with the details of the make and model of the printer then some-one with one will be able too help you.

  Diemmess 09:07 09 Dec 2006

Just a thought about "a general letter" as you put it in your original post.
You will be able to print your scan as a 'picture', (like a good photograph of the document).

If you want to edit it in any way it will have to be recognised as text by some OCR software first.
Some scanners have this bundled with the rest, others may need you to have a program that specifically does this.

If your general letter was handwritten, there is almost no chance that you can do anything with it except improving the scan as a picture. I hope that is obvious.

  NotSureBoutThis 19:44 09 Dec 2006


Thanks for the update.

When I referred to “General Letter” I meant to say “Business Letters”.

Instead of having loads of official papers all over, I thought I might be able to scan each one and then file it on my computer.

Unfortunately, I have mislaid the original disc for the all in one, although it is configured to my computer, as I can print from it.

I’m very grateful for the help already offered.

  Diemmess 09:38 10 Dec 2006

IMO, the scanner function of your All_In_One should be fine for what you have in mind.

The Optical Character Recognition program will have much more importance for your filing system if you don't want to have to spend ages editing small errors.

That could then go full circle and you might find that you yearn for a scanner which will deal with a trayfull of documents semi automatically!! .... Oh Woe!
....fortunately not the sort of traffic requirement for a small office.

If you are stuck for your original installation CD, you may be able to download from the manufacturer's website, but for OCR you should search for a stand alone package balancing cost with quality and that is grounds for a new thread.

  Diemmess 09:44 10 Dec 2006

Sudden thought!
Your own documents are already on disk. so it is documents from others that you wish to store digitally.
Merely scanning as a "picture" will give you a digital record, which for some people will be enough.

The major downside of this simplistic approach is that each picture will be a relatively huge file which is slower to print and of course doesn't contain editable text

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