all noise stops sfter long idle

hello, i figured out this morning how to get into my hardware monitor, have to press f11 as f1 greys out hardware monitor!
amd 64 5200x2 asus stock hsf (ok but noisy)
so fitted arctic pro 64, the only thing i changed was check cpu fan (disabled) left auto fan and all the heat settings the same, i have no power savings on everything is on turn off never. i was reading this forum and my already much quiter sytem stopped making any noise at all, so i dived behind the sofa and waited for it to go bang or turn off it didnt? i was about to load speedfan to check temps as soon as i moved the mouse everything came back on!
as i said i have no sleep(its hp so all thats dissabled) is this ok?
temps were 21 and 22c btw
thanks for your patience

  woodchip 19:16 19 Mar 2007

Yes. You can come and do mine next

also learned that an akasa evo 120, is quite easy to fit (it bolts on) looked great, takes about 10 mins to fit, and sticks out the side of my case by exactly half an inch, so the side wont go back on!
live and learn!
i built a boat in my loft as child, its probably still there unless someone took the roof off! not the sharpest knife in the drawer!
thanks for the reply, im guessing its 'yes' ok to do this?

  woodchip 19:33 19 Mar 2007

temps were 21 and 22c btw. V/Good

its always idled in the 20's but with the punt amd hsf i could hit 71c full load (amd advise under 77c is completely normal)
and 51c with the asus hsf full load
the new one max's at 53c but the box says you have to give 200 hours for the compound to harden which should knock another 2/3 degrees about all its whisper quite

what can i say? came down this morning, started the pc, lots of fan noise and off!
on opening the case, there was the arctic pro at the bottom of the case still holding part of my am2 retention clip, so borrowed one of the 3 clip ones of a friend all in place pushed the clip over and snap!
back to the drawing board, after a bit of redesigning, i have successfully fitted the akasa evo 120, with manual fan control, as this bolts to the mobo backboard it feels a lot more safe, i did how ever concider using tyre levers to get my case back together!
on minimum fan speed temps are now a very happy
core0 16
core1 18

full load (sandra)
core 0 28
core 1 31

so i guess this is for overclocking, i prefered the pro as it was half the size (i tried to fit a cigarette paper in my case and failed), the pro is slightly quieter, but how can i trust it? it was hanging by its wire an inch above my graphics card! and i will probably be gratefull of the draft around my feet come the summertime!
will keep you posted when i brake this one

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