All my posts have now been duplicated on new PCA website.

  julius44 22:24 06 May 2011

Hello and good evening...ive been posting new stuff on the new and updated PCA website,..and I noticed that since the new site has been updated, ALL my posts over last few years are being duplicated...more or less every single one of them!!!! This only started, since the new website updated, which i think was last month or month before......are any other users having this same problem......hope forum editor can look inot this for me....or for us as the case maybe....i'm now having to trawl through double the amount of posts when i'm looking @ any of my old postings. Any suggestions please??

  Woolwell 22:31 06 May 2011

It now shows every time that you post. It's not very helpful and is being worked on. My Posts wasn't there at all when the new site first started.

  julius44 22:44 06 May 2011

thanks woolwell. I'm hoping this'll get fixed soon, tis becoming very annoying, i really liked the old site, it was a lot simpler!!!

  woodchip 22:48 06 May 2011

tell me about it

  gengiscant 08:11 07 May 2011


  compumac 08:39 07 May 2011

I have one post that has been duplicated six times!

  johndrew 10:03 07 May 2011

I have one post that has been duplicated six times!

Only way round that problem is to stop posting!! Unfortunately this also cuts communication and discussion - I hope this is not PCA's intention.

  lotvic 11:33 07 May 2011

As has been said, it shows one entry for every time you post, so if you post 6 times on one thread you will get 6 entries in 'My Posts' for the same thread.

  compumac 11:39 07 May 2011

lotvic Reasonable! Do not know why I did not think that!

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