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  HannibalCat 16:04 09 Sep 2008

I'm beginning to get paranoid. Firefox 3, Flock 2 and Chrome all exhibit the same behaviour on my PC. They write to the C Drive incessantly eventually slowing every process on my computer to a crawl then, after a short while, they cludge up my internet connection so that I need to switch off my modem and reboot it even though Windows tells me my connection is fine. The older versions of Flock and Firefox are fine, as is Opera and Safari and even IE, but it seems that I am to be excluded from the brave new world of browsers.

  Skills 16:12 09 Sep 2008

I take it that you have checked for malware, spyware, viruses etc. It does seem strange that the older versions seem to be fine. I haven't used the latest versions of these browsers do they have a search function in them that scans your hard drives and catalogs your files much like google desktop does?

  kalignorgna 16:29 09 Sep 2008

don't know bout Flock 2 and chrome but FF3 don't access ur hdd unless 1: downloading 2: program on ur pc accessing FF 2 update or download (defult browser only) so I'would check for malware, spyware and viruses

  Clapton is God 16:33 09 Sep 2008

Why do you need multiple browsers on your PC?

Perhaps that's the main reason for your 'problem'.

  woodchip 16:33 09 Sep 2008

Must be a problem with your computer. I use Flock on four computers and it does not do that

  tullie 16:37 09 Sep 2008

I dont have these problems either,maybe its a local issue?

  rossgolf 16:41 09 Sep 2008

"but FF3 don't access ur hdd unless 1: downloading 2: program on ur pc accessing FF 2 update or download...."

wat about when they are saving the temp files ...

  AL47 17:50 09 Sep 2008

no ptoblems for me,

i have ff3, ie and chrome,

of hich i only use ff3 after trying the others

vista on the otherhand likes spinning the hard drive grr

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