All I wanted to do was burn a data disk

  jack 20:04 06 Jan 2008

Its easy peasy in XP simply assemble the files drag all the to CD drive, the burn Wizard come up and you are off
That's what should happen
Well it didn't, it repeated;y told me there was no dis in the drive.
As I keep various types of CD laying around I tried them all.
It did not want to know.
Right ho Lens cleaner then.
Still did not want to know.
So I switch the my third part DVD burner program[CD Burner XP Pro] and it flew away in minutes disc was burned perfick
Tried again with Native XP burner- and still it denied there was a disk in the drive
Now come on Mr Gates if bunch of enthusiasts can write programs that work what cant your gang in Silicon Valley ?

  Stuartli 20:12 06 Jan 2008

Is Enable Recording on this Drive still ticked?

  jack 10:38 07 Jan 2008

Is Enable Recording on this Drive still ticked?
What where? Stuartli

  tullie 11:01 07 Jan 2008

What does perfick mean lol

  lotvic 20:04 07 Jan 2008

tullie, you're just Larkin about :)

  skidzy 20:15 07 Jan 2008

Enable cd recording in xp; click here

  jack 08:30 08 Jan 2008

Thank you Skidzy will delve a little later.
Though it is strange the whilst XP did not want to know[ The recording Wizard came up - it simply denied there was a disk in the drive] Burner XP Pro did the job faultlessly.

Lotvic- I suspect tullie is perhaps too young to recall Farmer Jason and his delectable daughter Katherine Zata -Jones

  Stuartli 09:47 08 Jan 2008

>>Katherine Zata -Jones>>

I presume you mean Catherine Zeta-Jones..:-)

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