All I have is boxes, not words.

  Thomas71 11:53 19 Dec 2009

I noticed yesterday that my incredimail 2 is not loading up properly. The top of the page that has all the options, such as send/receive and delete, has small boxes where the words should be. This is also the case for the add attachment/picture line. When I use it the boxes are all over the place where words should be. One the page, not what I type.

I have shut down and come back to it today, but it's still the same! I have also found that the same boxes now appear on my Photoshop toolbar!

Any ideas?


  palinka 12:47 19 Dec 2009

Somewhere there is an option to have words as well as boxes/icons, so the change you've noticed is probably the result of accidentally changing the option.
Try this : Right click in a space among/at the end of the toolbar containing those boxes the right those boxes and choose "customise". Then in "Text options" (bottom left) choose "show text options".

  Thomas71 10:24 20 Dec 2009

Thanks for the reply.

All I have in Incredimail when I do as you say is customise columns, and there is no text options there.

I have also looked at my listing factory program and this is the same! I'm guessing it's got to be a problem with my system to effect more than one program.

  VoG II 10:48 20 Dec 2009

Have you deleted any fonts (especially system fonts)?

  Thomas71 11:02 20 Dec 2009

Not that I know of!! How would I know if this is the case, and how would I restore them?


  VoG II 11:04 20 Dec 2009

Which version of Windows?

  Thomas71 11:09 20 Dec 2009

Windows XP

  VoG II 11:12 20 Dec 2009

Try this click here

  Thomas71 11:46 02 Jan 2010

I have looked at the link, and done what it says, thanks. But as far as I can see I don't have a missing font.

Another thing that I now know but never before is, when my son logs on under his user settings, every thing is fine with all the text present!

Any more ideas?


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