All I did was renew the carpet - Sleep mode hitch

  jonmac 08:51 03 May 2009

All I did was shift all the PC equipment and everything else out of the study while a new carpet was laid, then shifted it all back in. Now when I put the PC into Sleep Mode it appears to do so (blank screen, flashing LED in the Start button etc) but crucially the fans keep whirring as if the HDs were still spinning.
Anyone suggest what might be happening here. The PC sits on the floor, but then it did so before so nothing's new.

  rawprawn 09:47 03 May 2009

Open it up and look to see if it needs a clean out, it sounds as though you have dislodged some dust or fluff round the fan.

  mimosa418 09:53 03 May 2009

It is probably fluff from the new carpet. Clean out an and heat sink. Possibly best to raise the unit from ythe floor for a bit.

  jonmac 11:11 03 May 2009

Thanks for the replies, both. I checked for fluff but as the carpet's only been down a few hours and I gave the PC a good clean out a month back when I fitted a new HD that doesn't seem to be the problem. I'll place it on a couple of pipe offcuts though just to increase air circulation as you suggest, mimosa418. Meantime I'm still at a loss to know why it should be doing this.

  phono 11:24 03 May 2009

It is probably the PSU, CPU and Video card fans that you hear running and not the HDs. Is there adequate space all around the PC? Some cases have cooling slots on the side covers as well and these also need to be unobstructed.

  phono 11:28 03 May 2009

Forgot to add, it is quite normal for the fans to still run in sleep mode, they may "throttle back" a bit but as long as the PC is on it will require some cooling, it may just be that rearranging the furniture and equipment has made the noise of the fans just a bit more noticeable than previously.

  jonmac 21:48 03 May 2009

Thanks phono for your thoughts. Yes, of course, it's not HDs that are that audible but cooling fans. The furniture is in identical locations as is PC (maybe very slightly more clearance from the desk end, that's all, but that should aid cooling if anything) No the sound is definately cooling fans running at normal speed. Previously, in sleep mode, the PC was virtually silent. Mystery

  phono 22:08 03 May 2009

If it is of any comfort to you my own PC is just a couple of months old and on choosing sleep mode there is very little difference in the fan noise, having said that however, it is quite quiet to begin with.

Just had a thought, has the temperature in the room concerned risen at all recently? Additional heating, warmer weather, better insulation courtesy of the new carpet by any chance. ;^)

  jonmac 07:25 27 Nov 2009

Have now moved on to Windows 7 and its sleep mode works as it should (and so do a lot of other things)
I would recommend the move from XP.

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