All feedback appreciated please

  Corky McDuff 15:29 22 Sep 2005

I have recently re-designed my web site and could do with some constructive feedback please. So, let me know what you think!

click here

Also, the following link for my forum;

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  De Marcus™ 05:52 24 Sep 2005

I had a quick browse so I'll pass a quick comment.

The categories on the left are listed by manufacturer which I'd personally list by device type, i.e. modems, hard drives, cpu's etc. It'd make browsing for newbies a bit easier too.

  alan in spain 09:24 24 Sep 2005

i have had a good look around and I like the site.

one small critique is that when i viewed some of the pages the text appeared not to be centred and looked a little random. but maybe its supposed to be like that :-))



  ade.h 15:00 24 Sep 2005

It's irksome to see catalogue spelled the American way.

  PurplePenny 23:40 24 Sep 2005

I'd like to see some prices on the home page featured items. I don't like having to click "buy now" just to find out how much it will cost. Instead of the link reading "buy now" how about "more info"? Some people might be put off, thinking that they would be putting in an order for the item rather than just finding out more (including the price).

I agree with De Marcus' comment about the categories on the left, and also on the main shop page. Listing by manufacturer isn't very helpful if one is just browsing to see what is available to do a particular job. Could you offer both a manufacturer list and a device type list?

The american spelling of catalog (and I also agree that it is irksome) is Actinic's doing I suppose (I notice that on the separate pages, where you have done the naming, it is the British spelling). I don't know Actinic at all -- is it possible to change the name of the "acatalog" folder?

  Skills 02:46 25 Sep 2005

Overall I like the site, it was easy to navigate around and felt pleasing to the eye. The layout is simple and works well I thought.

When you click on the User Forum link prehaps you could have it open in a new browser page rather than the exsiting one. Maybe thats just my personal preference?

I have to third the way the products are sorted, sorting them by type would be alot more user friendly.

I also agree with PurplePenny comments on the buy now button, more info would be a better tag

In the shop page is it really neccessary to have the whole text link to the products as well as the title and picture? It just seemed like overkill to me and if it was me I would just leave the links on the title and picture.

Also maybe you would be better off moving your address and telephone number to the contact page. That would be the first place I would look for them as a customer and not in the policy page.

  Taran 21:25 25 Sep 2005

I'm not clear whether you want to attract site traffic or gain opinion on it.

It is difficult to do the latter objectively given that you appear to have used a combination of Actinic and Sure Solutions shopping cart software, and in fact the site layout and colour scheme look very much like an Actinic template full of your content.

A quick look at the source code seems to back this up.

I'd agree with the usability comments above, where sorting and linking to an item by type rather than by manufacturer could work well, and obvious pricing is vital to effective selling.

  Corky McDuff 00:04 26 Sep 2005

Thank you all for your opinions, all extremly useful.

I will now be adding product specific sections as well as the manufacturer ones. I did have them before, but we took them out while we had some changes made, it was simpler to manage.

I will also look at changing the "buy now" on the front page. I would love to have the pricing there. But unfortunately it is very difficult to keep them up to date, because they cannot link to my price file from that page.

All of the other suggestions will also be looked into.

Thank you once again for your opinions.

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