All Devices Failing

  jc_ferrero 05:47 26 May 2007

This is not related to my other threads, I'm referring to my computer here and not my laptop anymore.

It started a while ago when the USB and PS2 devices started becoming unreliable (sometimes starting up and sometimes not). Soon the PS2 wouldn't work with keyboards, and the mouse would often go undetected. I had to use a USB keyboard to get around the first problem.

After a while the screen started fading, and now the screen has gone completely.

The whole unit is unusable now. And it's not the devices, it's the computer. Maybe it has something to do with the ports? Can someone please help, this is urgent :)

  Technotiger 07:36 26 May 2007

You have not given any information at all about the computer, but I would suspect that perhaps your PSU is dying.

  STREETWORK 07:41 26 May 2007

Does look like a power problem.

Open case and switch on PC, check all fans are working, if not could be a PSU failure...

  jc_ferrero 11:17 26 May 2007

PSU(?) and CPU fans are both working. I'm really at a loss as to what this could be.

As for the system specs, I really don't know too much so I didn't state them. If I'm taking a guess I'd say it's 512mhz, 128mb RAM, Pentium 3.

  Jackcoms 11:30 26 May 2007

Rather than "taking a guess", right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop, click on the 'General' tab and all the info will be displayed there.

Report back.

  jc_ferrero 11:37 26 May 2007

Sorry, but I think you need to see the screen in order to do that. lol

  brundle 11:39 26 May 2007

3rd vote for `power supply issue`...

  Technotiger 13:51 26 May 2007

PSU = Power Supply Unit, and at a guess probably only about 300W at best.

I believe you are expecting too much from your system. Being Win98SE, only 512mhz and 128Mb RAM, you are probably trying to run too much hardware, hence all your problems.

I would advise saving all your pennies and aiming for a more up-to-date computer.

  Totally-braindead 14:10 26 May 2007

I agree its likely to be the power supply, if it was only the USB and you had a lot of USB devices I would be inclined to think it might just be that you are trying to get more power from the USB than it can supply and would have recommended a USB powered hub, but that together with no display makes me thing that there isn't enough power for the fans, the motherboard, the hard drives, the USB items and the display. Basically its either failing or overloaded.

You could remove a lot of the devices and see if it will fire up with the minimum necessary items but even if it doesn't I would still be inclined to suspect the power supply, just because the fans are spinning means nothing, it only means that some power is getting to them it does not mean that there is enough power for everything else as well.

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