alignment & picture problems with website

  woodstockbitten 17:33 31 Dec 2007

I'm setting up a website, with assistance: someone else created the web pages for me and I've been editing them via OpenOffice Writer/Web (about which the friend who created them doesn't know anything). I have two problems:
(i) getting pictures to `stick'; I've managed with some (graphics which are .gif) but can't get photos to, even if I convert them to .gif format (which anyway loses a lot of detail).
(ii) getting the `menu' bit and the `text' bit to line up; if you go to my fledgling website click here you'll see what I mean: on some pages the white bit is shorter, on other places longer, than the blue-grey bit.
Can anyone advise? Thank you!

  woodchip 17:38 31 Dec 2007

You need to post this in Webdesign or get FE to move the thread their

  DieSse 18:30 31 Dec 2007

I think you're onto a loser unless you edit them using the program they were created with.

  MAJ 18:44 31 Dec 2007

Just another little bit advice, if you don't mind, woodstockbitten. Keep all your file names in lowercase and without spaces, Capitals and spaces can sometimes cause problems.

  woodstockbitten 14:11 02 Jan 2008

Many thanks for these responses; I'm too much of a novice to understand what `posting this in Webdesign or getting FE to move the thread there' means! I will try the suggestion about filenames, though really the problem seems to affect all pages no matter what the filename.
What about pictures and getting them to stick? Why do some .gif images stick and some don't?

  DieSse 14:34 02 Jan 2008

What were the oriuginal web pages created with?

  silverous 15:10 02 Jan 2008

I agree with DieSse - I wouldn't have seen Openoffice as an ideal web editing solution. The alignment of such pages probably will be a bit hit and miss. Best to locate some free / purchased web editing tools that will hopefully give consistent layout. How about getting what the person who did the pages uses?

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