Alert Messages from my Netgear DG834PN modem/route

  bazza2 13:49 01 Feb 2007

I have recently installed the above wireless router at home.
One of the 'features' I have chosen to enable is for the modem/router to send me an e-mail with any logs or alerts.
What I have noticed is masses of alerts classified as DOS with the following text:

TCP Packet -,4980,6881 - [DOS]
where the "x's" in the above relate to real IP adresses.

The Source IP address and port differ, but the Destination IP address and port always seem to be the same.

Is this my router trying to communicate with the outside world, or someone trying to 'hack' into my system?


  BioBob 13:59 01 Feb 2007

Try using this IP lookup tool click here and see if it makes sense. Sounds like someone is trying to ping you and that cant be good news! I used to get so many i turned the Log Advice off!

  bazza2 14:10 01 Feb 2007

I am not at home at the moment, so I shall do that this evening.

Should I be concerned about these messages, or are they being blocked by my modem?

  Gongoozler 14:48 01 Feb 2007

I think it's much more likely that your ISP is pinging your modem to check it's status. In any case the modem firewall is doing it's job, so I don't think you need worry.

  bazza2 15:53 01 Feb 2007

That's what I am hoping Gongoozler, I just need the reassurance from someone that knows better, such as yourself, that this is the case.

Thanks for your reply.

  FreeCell 17:27 01 Feb 2007

Check if the destination address is your IP address. If it is then

  FreeCell 17:29 01 Feb 2007

Sorry bazza finger trouble.

Check if ther distination is your IP address. If it is then you know the firewall is working and you can ignore these messages.

To check your IP address click here

  bazza2 23:22 01 Feb 2007

The destination IP address is my address, so these are obviously inbound.
There are masses of different source IP addresses.

I think I can safely assume that, as FreeCell stated, the firewall on my Netgear is stopping them getting through, and just informing me of that fact.

Sometimes I think that getting so much information is often scarier than being blissfully ignorant of the fact that these events are even occurring !!

Many thanks for all the help and information.

  fitshase 23:30 01 Feb 2007

I switch these instant notifications off and only have the standard log file sent to me every day (to my work address). This way I can see if there is anything wrong without being bombarded with e-mails about every DOS attack.

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