Aleeza, Spammer nuisance on this forum

  alanrwood 13:21 23 Apr 2014

I tried to post this several minutes ago but it has not appeared. Fantastic that a genuine post is not shown but a spammer can post 51 spams without problem. Apologies of it eventually shows twice

This person has posted 51 spams in the last 24 hours.

Can the FE please get rid of him/her and the spam posts. This sort of thing is making this forum unreadable if trying to follow a thread.

Also the number of red underlined words that create pop-ups has increased dramatically just lately and makes it almost impossible to move a mouse without activating one of the darned things.

If things don't improve soon I will be regretfully voting with my feet

  john bunyan 13:28 23 Apr 2014

I have sent 2 e mails to FE on this annoying spammer. At least ,for, me the site has improved in response time. I am not getting "Not responding" as I did a couple of weeks ago. I may be wrong, but there seems less activity on Speakers Corner, in particular , which is a pity.

  lotvic 13:30 23 Apr 2014

FE has been notified by several of us forumites, no doubt he'll sort it when next on the prowl :)

as for the skimlinks js,, intelitxt popups, hover your mouse over one an make a note of originator and then add that to your custom adblocker list. Post back if you need advice on that.

  Forum Editor 18:50 23 Apr 2014

I dealt with this spammer earlier - all his/her posts will have disappeared.

  alanrwood 20:59 23 Apr 2014

Thanks FE it was really annoying. Pity he/she will no doubt sign in under a different name and continue. We just need to be vigilant until the spammer tires of the game

  bumpkin 21:24 23 Apr 2014

alanrwood, I agree with you regarding spammers "Pity he/she will no doubt sign in under a different name and continue."

Can this not be traced back to the originators email address or IP, Is it possible to identify the machine it came from and block that ID? just curious as I don't know perhaps FE can explain.

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