Aldi TV Tuner Card

  User-DC593ADF-8DFC-41A0-B9DA42213177CA53 12:47 24 Feb 2004

This looks like a pretty good bargain for £29.99
Has anyone here any experience of these cards?

click here

It's difficult to find any info on the 'net that's in English or relevant to this model.

  Stuartli 14:01 24 Feb 2004

Dixons offer a similar type of card for the same price, but I don't think it has a remote control or one or two of the features.

Being a Medion/Tevion, it will be a rebadged product from a known manufacturer - the problem is to find out which manufacturer...:-)

There's nothing under Tevion Xpert TV7134...

However, since typing the above, I've found that Tevion is a brand name owned by Formac Elektronik GmbH of German, although its home webpage is unavailable.

Here's a description of how to install what appears to be some form of Tevion TV card and software:

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for others, with a copy of the e-mail I got from Flaco;

Hi Cob, Just searched through the archives and saw your msg of 24/02. Don't know if you bought the card or not, but I did and it does not work. Contacted the support line and it's a known problem now. Card won't scan UK channels it seems, so they can't be programmed in. They're waiting for a response from the manufacturer.

Mmmmm, glad I didn't bother getting one!

Thanks for the info though Flaco.

  spuds 23:09 27 Feb 2004

In two Aldi stores today. One had sold all their stock, the other still had one available.I wasn't sure about buying this remaining one, then had second thoughts.Seeing the remark CoB as made, is making me think that I may have made the correct decision!.Hope someone gives further postings on this item.

  whatchamacallit 23:43 27 Feb 2004

I have got the card working in my pc, PS. TV cards drivers can be a pain to install, going to do more test tomorrow.

  Dipso 00:09 28 Feb 2004

Aldi do a 28day no quibble return guarantee I believe?

  sirhc 00:27 28 Feb 2004

Have installed it on my triple boot Pc
win 2000 drivers - install easy
Xp pro - took a while ,did't follow instructions in the end message comes up " winxp take more time" you bet it does ,installed then...
98se - usual have to dig out 98se cd to find drivers ok after that....
Scanned uk channels okay all 5 of them using a portable aerial,aerial supplied in box not so hot, one of those wire t -pieces you get with sound systems.
so far so good

  Sharpamatt 08:05 28 Feb 2004

I had the last one Aldi offered which did not have the remote control, that was actually a Phillips, it worked fine untill installing Dirtx 9b which was no compatible,

Microsoft now has a patch an it works Ok so try downloading the patch, then run auto tune again.

  Stuartli 14:17 28 Feb 2004

Many of these type of cards use a Philips tuner and decoder chipset.

There are similar cards, a little cheaper, at:

click here


click here

  Flaco 18:27 28 Feb 2004

...for me at any rate.

I've been getting untold grief on my system (freezing / hanging). Had to reset and Chkdsk process initiated - but that hung too!? Had no choice but to reset again. This time nothing but continuous beeps from BIOS. Eventually got Chkdsk to run fully.

Running XP so tried to restore to checkpoint I'd made pre installation of Tevion. Alas, all my restore points have gone up as far as December. I've corrected my system date but can't get the time to synchronize. God knows what else I'm going to come across as I stumble through the mess. I'm hopeless with s/w. Misery.

I'm gald that a few others here managed to get their card working. When I spoke to tech support, he told me he'd received 5-6 identical calls. Must be a system-type problem, methinks.

Can I ask a daft question, guys? My GeForce 3 Ti200 doesn't support DirectX 9.0. The sys requirements on the Tevion state DirectX 8.1. Is there an obvious root/answer to my problem here?

  sirhc 19:43 01 Mar 2004

As you can see from above, i had no problems
i running XP pro,video card ati 9000 pro on direstx 8.1.....

But brother in law ,got one of the cards..
no end of problems with Xp home ,keeps crashing
resolutionn problems , we think conflict with his video card G force 4 mmx 440 128mb...see flaco card is similar ,may try playing a bit with it ,but card going back is best option....

card is then a bit of gamble...

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