Aldi Medion MD8830 basic questions

  WallyD 15:20 06 Feb 2008

This Old Codger is thinking of purchasing the above mentioned computer.I apologise for the following basic Questions but I have to know.
Is the Rj-45 LAN socket the one I will plug my existing NTL (Virgin) modem into (broadband )which I'm using at present.
I know how to connect to NTL Broadband using
Outlook Express however the Medion has Micro/Works which I've never used so has Works a similar prog ?
The brochure also states Integrated Wireless LAN802 11N Draft. This must give wireless connection if required but what is 802 11N Draft
I use my Computer for many hours and I,m petrified of being up the creek, I know I'll have to contend with the unpopular Vista and maybe no drivers for old equipment but I this machine will be Ok for Video camera etc

  keef66 16:19 06 Feb 2008

Yes, the RJ45 lan socket is the standard network socket that you attach the Virgin modem to.

Outlook Express is part of my Windows XP software; I'm assuming it's also part of Vista so you'll have it by default.

(As far as I know, MSWorks is just a very much cut down version of MS Office)

802 11N is just the wireless standard which they keep improving. They still haven't finalised N hence the 'draft', but it's the latest and best.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:56 06 Feb 2008

Its alot of machine for £399 (No mointor)
I bought a simular Medion three years ago less spec and twice the money. It been a very reliable machine.

Comes with the CDs and backup partition (do not alter partiton sizes as this will affect the backup),
never had to use it yet (touch wood)

  WallyD 18:03 06 Feb 2008

Much obliged keef66 and fruitbat

  Sea Urchin 18:21 06 Feb 2008

Vista comes with Windows Mail instead of Outlook Express - but very similar

  woodchip 18:37 06 Feb 2008

Medion are doing a good job with Computers, but they still have there problems. I have a Medion Desktop and Laptop

  Very old man 07:21 09 Feb 2008

I am thinking of buying the Medion md8830 but my LCD Monitor only has VGA input. Can I use a HDi to VGA adaptor or what would you suggest I try. Thanks fot your help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:50 09 Feb 2008

Medion md8830 has both vga and DMI output

  Very old man 15:46 09 Feb 2008

I will be standing outside Aldi on Thursday morning then. Thanks for your help.

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