Aldi Camcorder/Digital camera/all in one.

  Giantsquid 12:24 18 Apr 2005

Hi Everyone,
Would love to know if this piece of kit is any good ?

Aldi are selling these come Thursday, has anyone on this forum any knowledge of this device ?
click here
I have had a quick look on the web to see if has been sold in Germany or anywhere but I cannot find out about it.
In my book it looks a bargain if the quality is any good, but it's the camcorder bit I am more bothered about and will the footage be decent quality.
Reason I am asking is a relative of mine is after both a camcorder and a Digital Camera and this may just be the thing for them,

thanks anyone who gets back to me,

  Giantsquid 12:28 18 Apr 2005

Sorry click here
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  Stuartli 12:41 18 Apr 2005

It is probaby a rebadged Aiptek model - Vivitar does a similar one which is often offered on the Ideal Shopping Channel.

Scan of Bolton (click here) and other retailers also sell Aiptek cameras (they are often shaped like a camcorder).

  Stuartli 12:43 18 Apr 2005

Re quality. The Ideal SC presenter the other night (such type of goods are normally shown around 11pm onwards) did a movie sequence lasting at least two minutes, moving through the studio and out into the reception area before returning; the result was then played on air as it had been shot and, for all intents and purposes, was very acceptable.

  stlucia 12:46 18 Apr 2005

Movie footage should be 'decent quality' because 3 megapixels is much better resolution than most big-name digital video cameras.

But two limitations come to mind, which would affect my decision if I was thinking to buy it -- there's no optical zoom, and how much video can it store on one sd card?

If you're wanting only occasional camcorder use, most digital cameras these days can record video, and with them you'll probably get a better spec.

  Giantsquid 13:00 18 Apr 2005

No optical zoom I agree, I have pointed this out to him and it's not something he is too bothered about,it has of course got a digi zoom which may well be of use one day ? also on sale is a SD 1gig card at 50 quid and he needs that for sure, all in all he likes the look of it, at the end of the day you usually get what you pay for but as they have a small child and no camcorder to record family life I see it as a fair option.

  Stuartli 13:09 18 Apr 2005

At the price of the camera and its versatility, you can't really expect an optical zoom on top...:-)

With all due respects, spending a figure of around £90 to £150 will bring you a big name brand digital camera with at least 3MP, 3x optical zoom and other features.

The £200 mark now lands a 6MP camera such as the Olympus C60Z at Jessops - I paid the same price for my Minolta E203 2MP two years ago whose replacement, the E223, was half that price a year later...:-)

  Giantsquid 13:28 18 Apr 2005

Know where you are coming from... but it is me that is to buy them it, I am getting one for my boy who sees it as it is, mp3,voice recorder, camcorder, even a webcam, it's his Birthday present.
My relation is similar in a way (but not 11!) he is serving his time as a Quantity Servayer (cannot spell it !)
and a device like this would be good out on jobs etc, etc.
It is really for home video/Digi Camera they have no means of creating video at the moment so I am after buying them a present because they have a little girl who they want to record for posterity,
and they need it like yesterday.

It is a little more complicated, but I don't want to go into more detail,


  Stuartli 15:31 18 Apr 2005

I'm sure that the recipients will be delighted with their presents but, if you go to Scan's TodayOnly page at:

click here

and scroll about half way down, you'll find the Aiptex 5-in-1 3.3MP video camera, camera, MP3 player, voice recorder etc at just £55 and a few pennies.

That's a saving of £25 on the Aldi version which should be enough to also include a 512MB SD card from the same source. Another £25 saved on the Aldi SD 1GB card price as 512MB is more than enough for most purposes...:-)

Two lower Aiptek specification models are under £18 and £45 respectively.

  roisin dubh 17:11 18 Apr 2005

Hi, I use a digilife with very similar spec, the camcorder side of it is acceptable (though obviously not as good as a dedicated camcorder). A frame rate of 25fps is very good as that is the same as pal dvd.(whereas the bulk of cameras with video facility tend to run at 15fps)Re the zoom, one comment in common about most of these is that to take the optical zoom up to max results in some pixellation. The still shots tend to be sadly lacking (but I have an Olympus mju for that).I would strongly recommend getting a faster write speed sd card though, I use a scandisk ultra that writes at about 9 speed, the standard ones that aldi sells are (I believe) about 4x and on playback can result in dropped frames and some jerkiness. You pay more for them but the quality is better. I bought mine after having the diglife recommended about a month ago and am very satisfied, it was recommended as the best of a whole batch of sd camcorders and although quality doesn't match the more expensive tape taking machines they are more than satisfactory for everyday useage and via a usb cable to a pc video files can be dragged and dropped for manipulation and burning

  Giantsquid 17:11 18 Apr 2005

Thanks a good spot from you ! I just bought 2 SD cards for less than 50 quid, and a bluetooth dongle (needed One) 2 x 512Mb @ 23 quid so saved a bit on the cards!

I'm sticking to the Aldi camcorder though as it looks a lot better, the spec is about the same I think,

Thanks for all the help....what a damn fine forum this is,


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