Alcatel USB mode and USB 2.0

  AlanPCA 14:21 10 Jan 2004

I have the Alcatel USB PPP modem. It works OK with my USB1 port and through the Belkin USB powered hub. But it won't work with USB2.

I have just installed an Adaptec AUA-2000LP PCI USB2 connect adapter. This installed OK, but the modem won't work in the USB2 port. The Device Manager shows no drivers. I have tried uninstalling the modem device and rebooting, but the driver installation can't find drivers on the modem CD. It re-installs OK when I have it plugged into the USB1 port.

I have downloaded the latest driver from the Alcatel Thomson site. The site says that this modem supports USB1.1, but I expected it to work with a USB2 port (new PCs only have these).

Has anybody got a suggestion on what is wrong and how I can fix it?

  hoverman 14:37 10 Jan 2004

I have an Alcatel USB modem and have also found that it will not work with USB2 and would be interested to hear what others have to say. I have a sneaking suspicion that someone will tell us that it won't make a spot of difference if it did run on USB2. Am I right?

  Djohn 14:44 10 Jan 2004

I have the Alcatell speedtouch 330, not sure of the difference and this works through USB 2.0 fine.

  AlanPCA 15:15 10 Jan 2004

I agree, I don't expect it to run any quicker. I did expect it to work though.

  mbp 17:39 10 Jan 2004

I encountered no problems!

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