alcatel speedtouch usb modem [2nd try].

  algo mas 22:45 20 Mar 2004

I wish to change my internet provider.They say that their connection will not work on "globspan chipset".
I have contacted alcatel but they tell me if it is globspan or not, this is "secret"! Can anyone help please?
Can anyone also recommend a wireless router connection please?
Sorry to repeat ? but my other emailaddress will not show link to your replies. I have a new email address now.

  Djohn 22:53 20 Mar 2004

algo mas. Yep! I remember your first thread but it has disappeared for a while along with others during the forum update.

I think the last question asked of you was for the model of your "Speedtouch". Is it a 330?.

"TBH32" a forum member did a search and posted to your thread that he could not find any reference to "Globespan" chipset in any of the Speedtouch range.

If you can confirm the model please then someone will be able to advise further. j.

  Forum Editor 23:46 20 Mar 2004

Globespan has merged with Conexant, and the Globespan name has vanished.

As far as I know you should be OK, but we'll need to know the Speedtouch model number and the name of your new ISP to be able to help you further.

  daba 23:56 20 Mar 2004

I'm a little confused with this thread.

You know the model of your modem, but you don't know its chipset manufacturer, correct?

Your new ISP is telling you it won't work with a Globespan chipset, correct?

So what makes you suspicious you might have the offending chipset in your modem?

Seems like your new ISP are just covering their backs mentioning this chipset in the first place.

Why not just ask your ISP if your Alcatel Speedtouch is compatable with their system.

Or, ask Alcatel if their speedtouch modem is compatable with your new ISPs connection.

Perhaps I've missed your point, algo mas, but it seems to me you've latched onto the chipset identity as being the problem, when it isn't really. You shouldn't need to know the chipset's 'secret', providing you can get the definitive answer regarding the connectivity issue, from either the ISP (favourite, as they want your money), or from Alcatel (less favorite, as they've already had your money).


  algo mas 03:36 21 Mar 2004

model number is 3EC18607CDab 03 and is the soap like modem supplied buy Freeserve. I want to use Fast24 as new supplier of my connection. Fast 24 say that they cannot recommend any particular modem. Another reason I'm asking is that I have to end my Freeserve connection before trying to install Fast 24.
All your points taken and will have another go at emailling fast 24.Thanks again.

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