alarm type noise coming from pc tower

  chickabookins 17:04 21 Oct 2009

heya, i recently had my hard drive replaced in july as my computer died on me, then there was a loose connection so got that fixed but now its like every now and then i keep getting all i can explain it as like an alarm going off all the time it lasts for like 15secs then it stops for lil while and starts again and its driving me up the wall, its coming from the tower, does anyone no what the hell it is and how i can get it to stop, i can be on msn, facebook ebay or anything or just not at the comp and the dam thing goes off,
thankyou sam

  sunnystaines 17:25 21 Oct 2009

check the bios for alarms when certain bits overheat

  chickabookins 17:28 21 Oct 2009

whats bios? where do i look for that

  wee eddie 17:36 21 Oct 2009

My guess, without any knowledge of the kind of sound that is coming from the Tower,is that one of the Fan Motors needs a little lubrication on its spindle

  ArrGee 22:46 21 Oct 2009

Is it always 15 seconds long? Does the silent gap between the sounds last the same time?

  chickabookins 10:03 22 Oct 2009

the noise can last anything from a sec to minutes (when i posted the post yesturday it lasted 15 secs) it can stop then all of a sudden itl go off again then other times it might not go off for ages

  wee eddie 10:15 22 Oct 2009

Is it? a Beep, a series of pips, a scream, like a Fire Engine, like an Air Raid Siren, a Bell, or what.

  RGB76 11:31 22 Oct 2009

I would have a quick look around inside your tower, sounds more like a a cable brusshing against a fan, I`ve had that happen after doing a job.

  Diemmess 12:25 22 Oct 2009

You may not like the idea of opening the tower but if you are careful, leave the side cover off for the time being so that you can see the motherboard and all the bits and pieces.

Make a spill or fine paper tube and when the noise starts again briefly stall each fan in turn.
If stopping a particular fan stops the noise then replace the fan with a suitable new one.

Fans with worn or dry bearings can do just this.
Apart from the noise the "chatter" will not allow the fan to speed up and overheating will be the result.

  sunnystaines 14:51 23 Oct 2009

my motherboard has what sounds like a car alarm if any monitored components get too hot, part MSI software that came with the board, deleted the software as too tempremental.

  wee eddie 14:56 23 Oct 2009

Then a good clean-out of any internal dust may fix the problem.

Unplug the PC > take the sides off > take it into the garage > give it a good blow-through with a hairdryer, or similar.

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