Air compressor to replace air cans

  poogles_uk 21:57 24 Sep 2007

As a cost saving initiave (ok, i know its expensive to begin with), and also as a sort of green idea, im looking at buying a mini air compressor to save having to buy compressed air cans, which then have to be thrown away

I ideally want something fairly quiet, and portable - so it doesnt have to live in the garage, and i can take it about with me if needs be

Ebay searching mini air compressor, brings up like ones used for modelling, nail art, airbrushing, that sort of thing

I would've thought that that would be fine for blowing dust out, with a HP pipe, and an airduster/blower attachment, but others dont seem to agree..

Something like
click here


click here

What is anyone elses opinion?


Sam Reed

  octal 21:59 24 Sep 2007

It's not much to do with computers is it Sam? I would have thought you were better off posting on a model makers forum.

Good luck anyway.

  poogles_uk 22:18 24 Sep 2007

Well, it is - As im wanting to use it for cleaning dust and such out of my computer...

Want to find something to replace buying air cans

I didnt make that overly clear, did i?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:21 24 Sep 2007

Hair dryer on coold Blow works for me.

  malcolme 22:26 24 Sep 2007

Looking at what you are thinking of buying, if you were going to use it on PC's it would problably generate static electricity and damage the PC.

  octal 22:39 24 Sep 2007

"Well, it is - As im wanting to use it for cleaning dust and such out of my computer..."

Fair enough.

I would be a bit concerned about blowing dust because of it being carcinogenic. I usually use a small paint brush and a vacuum cleaner with the hose a few inches away to collect the dust.

I don't fancy breathing in all that dead skin.

  namtas 23:13 24 Sep 2007

When air is compressed the dew-point drops and moisture in the air comes out of suspension, however when we reduce the pressure it tries to raise the dew-point, this is why you sometimes see frost on the neck of a air bottle, the air will be full of saturated moisture. I realise that you are not talking about industrial size machinery but the effect is still valid on any compressed air system to a greater or smaller degree.

Consider this, for every 100cfm of air compressed to 100psig over a 24 hour period will generate 15 gallons of moisture. This moisture will be discharged into your compressed air system as the air cools.

If you are to use compressed air you would have to fit filters and driers. You also should be aware that at high speed air is can create static electricity.

  DieSse 00:24 25 Sep 2007

Surely you don't have to do this so often that cost is an issue? - I find that difficult to comprehend.

And how much greener could it be - there's only air in a compressed air can - no propellants!

  DieSse 00:26 25 Sep 2007

PS - I agree with Fruit Bat.

  g0slp 04:39 25 Sep 2007

namtas is correct about moisture.

Also, unless the compressor is 'oil-free' then tiny oil drops can be carried over in the air stream.

Small brush & vacuum cleaner is the best alternative to canned compressed air; as octal rightly points out, carcinogens are a consideration. As for the dead skin - yeuch! Valid point though.

  Meshuga 05:02 25 Sep 2007

Sledge hammer to crack a nut comes to mind.

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