AiDA time for an upgrade

  tbh72 00:47 03 May 2003

Thanks flecc, all this BB talk and links to this AIDA software & you've got me questioning my set up....!!!!

OK, this is what ive got. PCCHIPS 810LMR Bios Flashed 512 SD RAM (133mhz) AMD XP2000+ running 98se..... Everything else is relevant

Right at the bottom of the aida software you can run bench marks with the above setup I can achieve the following 300mb/s WRITE & 618mb/s READ. according to the result's window this is about equal to a PII 650, pah.... pah....

Looking at the topish end of the table my processor with either EPOX (EP-8KHA) or MSI (KT3 Ultra-URA) with 2100DDR will achieve speed of approximately 1500mb/s

SERIOUSLY, just how much difference will this make to my machine if I dump the PC CHIP & SD RAM (300/618mb/s) & opt for the later at (1500/1500mb/s)

Waiting patiently for your responses!!!!

  hugh-265156 00:58 03 May 2003

dont take the benchmarks too seriously how does it all perform in the real world?if all is to your liking dont worry.aida32 is good for the info on hardware and thats about it.

  tbh72 01:03 03 May 2003

Thanks for your reply huggy..... There are many threads popping up about AMD processors & I'm now challenged with another poser in addition to my current dilema.

I have flashed my bios & the XP2000+ is working fine and coming in at 1.7ghz but the FSB according to the bios is 133mhz, yet someone else mentions the FSB as being 266mhz.... Surely with a new mobo & DDR 2100 I should be able to attain better performance!!!

  hugh-265156 01:08 03 May 2003

will need your mobo info

  tbh72 01:14 03 May 2003

Its a PC Chips 810LMR sis730 chipset. It has an updated bios 01/03/03S

  powerless 01:16 03 May 2003

There are three BIOS settings 100, 133 and 166

Which are 200, 266 and 333Mhz (This is the FSB)...

You have the setting of 133 in your motherboard which gives you an FSB of 266Mhz.

Your setup is correct.

  hugh-265156 01:16 03 May 2003

see here for specs click here says it SUPPORTS up to 266 not that well up on this im afraid but am sure someone can give you better info.

  tbh72 01:20 03 May 2003

Cheer's powerless. My first posting enquired about performance gains by simply swapping mobo & memory. Eg upgrading from SDRAM to DDR2100 or better. Will I see noticable differences.

  hugh-265156 01:26 03 May 2003

it only supports sdram but if your still using onboard graphics upgrade to a standalone card this will help performance.

  tbh72 01:29 03 May 2003

Looking at the figures I was thinking about buying a new mobo & memory, I already use a 32mb Nvidia MX400 and wouldn't be changing this!!!

  hugh-265156 01:32 03 May 2003

mobo & memory will improve the performance yes.the card will be fine if you dont want to play the latest games.

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