ai diphthong mark

  ch0pper 22:06 27 Mar 2004

How can I get MS Word to automatically alter the spelling of naive so that it uses the ai diphthong?

  VoG II 22:11 27 Mar 2004

Look up AutoText and AutoCorrect in Word's comprehensive Help files.

  ch0pper 22:26 27 Mar 2004

I KNOW how to autocorrect.

I don't know how to make the diphthong mark. :(

  ch0pper 19:03 06 Apr 2004

Does anyone know how to get accent marks in Word 2000?

  Pesala 19:14 06 Apr 2004

but will the umlaut do?

Is it one of these? click here

If so, from insert symbol, choose the phonetic character set. It should be in the Huge MS Unicode Arial font.

  Pesala 19:18 06 Apr 2004

If you install the International keyboard you can do umlaut accents with @+vowel äëïöü or '+vowel for áéíóú
`+vowel for àèìòù ~+letter for ñãõ etc. Left Alter Shift to switch between regular and international keyboards or put an icon in the system tray.

  Graham ® 19:23 06 Apr 2004

I'm naïve. But it's a diaeresis.

  paddyjack 19:24 06 Apr 2004

look here click here, to obtain the character hold down the Alt key at the same time type in the numbers on the numeric key pad

  Eric10 21:17 06 Apr 2004

Graham is correct. The ï in naïve is a diaeresis and is used to show that it is not a diphthong which is the rolling together of two letters into one sound.

Right, now that the English lesson is out of the way I'll move onto something more practical. I use Word 2003 and naïve is already in AutoCorrect. As it doesn't seem to be in your version you will need to add it as follows. In Word type the first two letters 'na' then hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys while pressing the colon/semicolon key, then let go and type the 'i' followed by the final 've'. You should now have naïve. If it's the first word it will probably be captialised automatically when you press the spacebar so just press CRTL+Z to get rid of the capital letter. Now highlight the word and copy it. Open Tools, AutoCorrect and type naive into the 'Replace' box and paste the copied naïve into the 'With' box. Click OK and AutoCorrect should now automatically correct naive to naïve as you type.

  Eric10 21:20 06 Apr 2004

Update. You can actually do the typing straight into the relevant boxes instead of copying and pasting.

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