Ahhh problems with webmail

  Lord Isleworth 09:33 03 May 2006

Hi there, I help a friend with her website and no probs. She uses a mac at home and Dell pc at her part time work place and is trying to get a business off the ground a couple of days a week. Her problem is with webmail. We use a company called Hubnut and a few years ago they used to be ok, but when things go wrong their support I feel is poor, no answers and explanations as to why things go wrong. Anyway a couple of days ago she got the following error when trying to access webmail. First she got "access denied -not proper cookie id etc" She has not changed anything on her pc, ie updated antivirus software etc and as far as the host is concerend they maintain no changes have occured. Then she got a message saying certificate has expired. I have a few questions related to this.
1 - Anyone know what this error is for webmail?
2- can my friend check anything her end to rectify prob or is it a host problem, if so any ideas what?
3 - i have said to her for over a year we need to move and would like to get her with webmania as support is good but I think she has renewed again recently thinking that was the problem so is a better way to approcah this by using say mac email client and getting the emails sent here, is that easy to set up??
4 - webmail is ok but she has no way of saving all her contacts and mails at mo, how could she do this effectively and quickly so I could move her from this poor host?

Thanks for any help
She is loosing business and is desperate so any help appreciated.

  DrScott 14:19 03 May 2006

Well this could be down to a security update from windows - I assume her PC has XP autoupdates on (ah, also assuming XP is the OS), so one that has downloaded in the background might be limiting access to the webmail. You could try going to internet options and in privacy changing the security settings to medium.

In terms of getting e-mail, why not used outlook express (but make sure e-mails are kept on teh server - there's a selection box for this), or even mozilla thunderbird? That way the e-mails can be saved to the HDD as well. Of course, you'd need to get the IMAP settings (or POP3 if they do it) for the webmail host.

  DrScott 12:53 05 May 2006

Any luck in resolving the problem?

  Lord Isleworth 13:05 05 May 2006

Hi there, after a week of stress for my friend I actually googled the error and one of the probs could be lack of disc space or a firewall/anti virus update - I sent this off to the host and they did something as email came back but they couldn't be bothered to email us to say they had fixed it so I am still in the dark as to why there was a problem. Thanks for your help though - appreciated :)

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