AHG !!!! - Ink removal from carpet?

  Dirty Dick 17:56 29 Nov 2006

I was just moving my inkjet printer, when the ink leaked out onto the carpet. I am deeply i the doo doo, awaiting for the other half to come in from work. Can anyone suggest a way of removing the ink, AND SAVING MY LIFE !!!



  [email protected] 18:08 29 Nov 2006

Put the cat basket on the ink patch, meet her at the door and take her out to dinner. That should buy you more time...
The only product I can think of which seems to work on most things is Vanish [comes like a little bar of soap/liquid and powder]. Either way, you are going to have to try whichever product on a bit of carpet not visible - they are fussy about what you try to clean them with. You could try "help me darling, you are the only one who knows about these things and right now I need all the support I can get as I am devastated. I intend to sue the printer manufacturer - gosh you look beautiful when you are angry" ;-)
I imagine the whole forum is waiting to hear what happend....

  Legolas 18:08 29 Nov 2006

Knowing how much printer ink stains I think the doo doo just gt deeper. A new carpet for Christmas should get you out of the doghouse. ;-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:08 29 Nov 2006

Stain devils from any supermarket. click here £3 and your family jewels are safe.


  woodchip 18:10 29 Nov 2006

First, Do not use HOT WATER. It will make it harder to remove. You need plenty of water and something to soak it up. Somthing like Vanish Stain Remover

  Legolas 18:10 29 Nov 2006

click here

Good Luck

  woodchip 18:11 29 Nov 2006

Do not leave it to dry.

  Legolas 18:13 29 Nov 2006

click here
and another one

  Legolas 18:17 29 Nov 2006

If all else fails click here

  Pamy 18:35 29 Nov 2006

Dirty Dick by name,...........LOL

sorry, could not resist

  Legolas 12:19 30 Nov 2006

Well we've not heard from Dirty Dick so I suspect the worst. Anything in todays papers about an assualt with a deadly printer? ;-)

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