agv virus found but remove all

  holligan 11:08 01 Mar 2004

I had 5 virus on pc avg said it can move 2 but 3 will stay, i then got internet explower 5 cant delete contants of the folder iam doing another age check now


  Big Elf 11:15 01 Mar 2004

Does it say what the ones it can't remove are called and also why it can't remove them? You're still using Windows 98 are you?

  holligan 12:20 01 Mar 2004

ya still windows 98. i did another check it come back ok. iAM DOING A AD AWERE NOW. They are good i did my first one it come up with 100`s now i scan every 3 or 4 days and only get 2 or 3 things

cheers big e

its funny how you get the same people replay to the questions haha

i must have known you were on haha

All tanned from filey i bet haha

  deadneat 12:31 01 Mar 2004

er tick the box m8

  Big Elf 12:41 01 Mar 2004

Frostbite more like:0)

  Edstow 12:44 01 Mar 2004

holligan, have you got Spywareblaster installed? This will stop any more spyware getting into your machine in the first place.

Try it click here

It's free!!! and it works!!

Also remember to update it (and Adaware) regularly so they keep track of all the new nasties that come along.


  holligan 13:56 01 Mar 2004

is dead neat cleaning the boards haha

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