AGP8 not recognised

  neil.s 14:40 08 Feb 2004

I have just replaced, because it broke, my MSI NVIDIA GeForce 128 AGP 4, with a Siluro NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 (256 MB) AGP 8, my mother boar is an Asus P4S8X, CPU Intel Pentium 4A, 2433 MHz and 1024 MB (DDR SDRAM) memory.
But it will not recognize the new card as AGP8.

  hugh-265156 16:22 08 Feb 2004

not sure.

did you uninstall the old cards drivers and the card itself via device manager before installing the new one?

try the latest drivers click here

are your asus motherboard drivers up to date?

also have a look in your bios advanced chipset menu or plug and play menu maybe to see if there is a setting that needs changing here.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:22 08 Feb 2004

What settings are in the BIOS? Have you changed it to AGP 8x?

  neil.s 16:44 08 Feb 2004

I did not remove the drivers as they are the latest version and it was another Nvidia card going in.
Motherboard drivers, no they are about a year old, a wee bit wary of going there.
BIOS, went in there, changed Graphic Aperture size from 128 to 256, and also changed AGP 3.0 Capability from 4 X to 8 X.
Bios is strange territory for me so unsure of what I am doing in there, and after all the sweaty palms, still running AGP4

  Diodorus Siculus 16:47 08 Feb 2004

neil.s - are you sure you saved the changes when exiting the BIOS? It is easy not to.

  neil.s 16:52 08 Feb 2004

Aye did, just went in on checked

  hugh-265156 17:17 08 Feb 2004

i would still try reinstalling the drivers even though its another nvidia card.

  Gongoozler 17:35 08 Feb 2004

This could also be an issue with the motherboard AGP drivers or even with the BIOS. The latest versions are available here click here

You may also find this discussion interesting click here

  neil.s 20:21 08 Feb 2004

huggyg71, reinstalled the drivers, no luck.
Gongoozler, had a wee look at the drivers and bios update stuff, unsure of what is what, encase I install the wrong files I am going to leave it till I get someone to have a look at the problem, that discussion is very interesting, if I had read before I purchased this PC, me thinks I would have chosen summit else
Away all next week, so at the moment I will live with AGP4, I will leave the post open for a while, if I resolve it I can let you all know.

  hugh-265156 23:58 08 Feb 2004

you could always force agpx8 but i wouldnt recommend may not even notice any difference between x4 and x8 either.

rivatuner will do this click here

run it and click "customize/low level system settings/agp and set here.then appy at windows start up.

use at your own risk.

  neil.s 00:15 09 Feb 2004

But as you say probably no difference, better graphics than me old card anyways, so I may just leave well alone

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