AGP vs. PCI-E (Xpress)

  Gaz 25 13:00 27 Jul 2005

I was told that AGP is still, faster and better, than PCI-E.

I don't belive this, or motherboard manufacturers would go back to using AGP on their high end models.

I'm looking at a new gigabyte board, and it only supports PCI X16.

Any info?

Thanks in advance.

  garrema 13:14 27 Jul 2005

You are correct. PCI-E for graphics is better for a given setup.

  Aquarrian 16:51 18 Oct 2005

Can you use an AGP card on a Mobo that was designed for PCI-E?

  bremner 16:56 18 Oct 2005

Only if it has an AGP slot

  Gaz 25 17:05 18 Oct 2005

You can only use PCI-E if you have a PCI-E/PCI-X slot. PCI-X is the same as PCI-E.

You can only use AGP if you have an AGP slot.

You cannot plug an AGP into a PCI-E slot or vice versa.

  Cybermaxx 18:30 18 Oct 2005

PCI Express has won. Neither nVidia or ATI plan to produce any more high-end versions of their new cards (ie No 7800 or X1800 cards). For continued upgrading you'll need PCI Express.

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