AGP voltages

  Inverjazz 08:50 14 Mar 2003

I intend to upgrade my MoBo but the specs for my choice say that it supports 1.5v display cards only. My display card, an Asus GeForce 4 MX 440-8X, makes no mention of voltages. I didn't know different voltages were involved with display cards. My previous card was AGP 4X and it worked OK. Are AGP 8X cards different in this respect? Can anyone enlighten?

  powerless 08:56 14 Mar 2003

Voltages - yes.

They correct there voltages so they can be used.

  cheapskate2k 10:17 14 Mar 2003

Its a new card so it will be just fine!

  jazzypop 11:40 14 Mar 2003

click here for a quick primer on compatibility of mobos and AGP cards.

If you are still unsure, post back with the specific combination of mobo and AGP card that you are considering - I'm sure someone will be able to advise.

  Inverjazz 14:52 14 Mar 2003

Thanks for the primer - yes, I'm still unsure. The proposed MoBo is a Gigabyte GA-7VAX (1.5v only) to be used with the current Asus GeForce 4 MX 440-8X.

  jazzypop 18:47 14 Mar 2003

I presume the card you are after is the 'ASUS V9180 GeForce 4 MX 440 w/AGP 8X Graphics Card' - the 2nd item on this list - click here

If so, the downloadable manual for the card states on P57 that the AGP card slot should be supplying a steady 3.3V, which indicates that the card needs a specific 3.3V supply.

However, the Gigabyte site says that the mobo is for 1.5V cards only - click here

Unless there is someone out there who has successfully used the two components together, I would steer clear.

  Inverjazz 11:38 15 Mar 2003

Many thanks for your interest. My graphics board is an Asus V9180 Magic, and nowhere on the retail box or the printed manual is the vital spec of working voltage mentioned. In fact it says "Complete AGP Interface Support," and that the AGP 8X slot is Bus Standard. Likewise, the PCA's Buying Advice on graphic cards has nothing to say on the subject, neither does the Technofile feature on MoBos in the April 2003 issue. It's all very puzzling. I'll probably still go for the Gigabyte GA-7VAX from my local dealer. If it doesn't work I can always return it.
Thanks again.

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