AGP Video Card Upgrade

  GazMaz 17:48 30 Aug 2006

I currently have
MB A7V600-X
Pro AMD Athlon XP3200 2.20GHZ
and a Radeon 9600 XT AGP series Vid card 256mb mem.

Now as PCAdvisor only seems to recomend PCI Express cards these days!
I was wondering if anyone here can advise on either an upgrade or an equiv card as mine is currently making some really bad grinding sounds, so me thinks it's on the way out. And before I get to the OHNO stage I think I'd best replace it.
Money um difficult that but 80-120 gbp's I 'd say.


  skell 18:08 30 Aug 2006

first i would suggest you clean out any dust build up from the card if you havent done so already also consider replacing the fan first before you buy a new card. it could just be the fan thats at fault. its the only moving part on ti so if the cards grinding i guess its the fan. look here

  GazMaz 18:52 30 Aug 2006

OK I'll take the fan off and see if it makes the same sound if not I'll then get a new fan and fit it, didn't even think about cahnging the fan thanks.

  GazMaz 21:25 30 Aug 2006

Checked and it is the FAN saved me a fortune thanks...... :-))

  skell 20:17 31 Aug 2006

no probs.. i had the same thing happen to me with my radeon 9800. If you buy a new kit just make sure you follow the instructions and then you shouldnt have any problems.;)

  GazMaz 18:44 10 Sep 2006

Back to a couple of previous recent posts and thanks to Skell how initially helped and then to Streetwork for the help.
So the story is original card funny sounds fan going kaput. Get new fan great idea hadn't thought of that, get new fan hole fixing's not the same. Ah dodgy card obviously, he ho. Return fan for credit.
Yes I know I shouldn't have but what looked like a perfectly fine card through ebay again a 9600XT 256MB so I went for it.
All looked fine until I tried to install drivers to get some (older 3d) Games running. Well streetwork knows what I went through and failed, OK so card gone back for credit (a reduced credit it was ebay but a credit all the same), lesson there I know don't tell me.

So my original post was asking about AGP cards and I'm back to that stage, here's a breakdown of my system and I'd like some recommendations, heaviest games are FarCry (original), and my girls play SIMS2, I occasionally get out TOCA2 sad I know....
Win 2K
MB A7V600-X (most recent Bios)
AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.2GHz
SB Live 24-bit Sound card.
Not sure much else to tell.

I have seen a setup where 2 80 mm fans connected together situated below the Graphics card blowing air over it not sure this will be OK if I disengaged the cards fan.

Any recommendations?

  skell 21:12 10 Sep 2006

here's a cheap alternative to your 9600xt click here ,, although, im sure there are better agp cards available but it will depend on how much your willing to spend.

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