AGP speed

  Hotfingers 18:27 27 Feb 2003

A friend of mine has just upgraded their graphics card to a GeForce 4, unfortunatly the AGP bus speed is set at 1X when the board supports 4X and the m/board 2X. As far as I know there is not an option in the BIOS to change this setting and the m/board is new enough to to need jumpers. Does anyone know of ay software that would correct this? It is running on the latest drivers and DirectX9. I have done a search in the forum however the results do not help.

Thanks in advance

  bremner 18:30 27 Feb 2003

Can you give us details of the motherboard?

  Hotfingers 18:48 27 Feb 2003

Unfortunatly I do have any details on the motherboard.

  BrianW 19:17 27 Feb 2003

If your friend has a board with the via chipset it may be necessary to load the latest via Hyperion drivers. I had to do this when I installed a Gainward mx 440 card.

  PSF 19:30 27 Feb 2003

click here for the Via 4 in 1 drivers

  Hotfingers 20:17 27 Feb 2003

Thanks but the motherboard is an MSI Ms-6191.

  PSF 20:43 27 Feb 2003

click here

This site says it is only 1 or 2x AGP suport as you say but it does not say how to change it.

click here For the ALI AGP drivers and AMD751 agp drivers.

  Gaz 25 20:47 27 Feb 2003

If so, disable Automatic, and select 4X

This should do the trick, just look for AGP Bus speed or something like that.

  bloo meeny 00:06 28 Feb 2003

Tyan S1854 Trinity 400 motherboard
Radeon 9500 64MB graphics

SiSoft Sandra (and Radeon 9500 Properties) report AGP 1x speed.
Only setting in BIOS is AGP 4x (enabled)
No jumpers on mobo.
Using latest drivers and DX9 installed.

  bloo meeny 00:56 28 Feb 2003

Just downloaded and installed the VIA 4-in-1 drivers and HEY PRESTO....AGP 4X.
Increased my 3DMark03 score by 50% !!!

  Hotfingers 17:58 28 Feb 2003

I am just in the process of upgrading the BIOS. Unfortunatly the AGP drivers refuse to install, giving an error message 'cannot find rundll'. He is running windows XP Pro. There are no options in the BIOS to change AGP speed,only for the aperture size.

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