AGP slot failed, do I need this?

  faulties 23:23 08 Aug 2006

Hi all. I bought a larger hard drive for my grandson recently, his was full to bursting! I installed his copy of Windows ME and all the board drivers etc. he installed his latest game, Stronghold 2.

It won't play, puts up a message saying can't render 3d graphics, it won't play other games either giving same message.

Checked the graphics card - it works ok in another computer - so I took the pc to my local man. He says the AGP slot must be faulty as he tried another graphics card in the pc which gave the same message about 3d.

So now I'm looking for another mobo. I've found this click here on ebay.

Not sure what I'm looking at here. I need something that takes a graphics card in an AGP slot and will take the existing SD ram. Don't want to spend too much as his parents aren't willing to stump up anything at all and feel I'm being ripped off by my own!!

Can anyone tell by the photo if this board will meet my needs?

Thanks for any help.

PS hope I got the link right!

  woodchip 23:26 08 Aug 2006

It's not just Graphics but does it take the CPU that's in the old board and will the old memory fit and work in the new MOBO is it SD ram or DDR

  faulties 23:33 08 Aug 2006

The board comes complete with CPU so that's no problem.

I've just had a reply to email I sent saying the ram on the board is DDR but we have SD so I'm hoping he won't charge too much for the stick he has.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:39 08 Aug 2006

What type of CPU do you have, type of memory also please.

The motherboard in the picture looks to me like a ECS Elite or MSI with a VIA Chipset.

I noticed its also a Intel socket board now you have to be carefully as if you have say DDR 333 or 400 memory on your motherboard then if this board does not support your processor be it a intel and its limited to a 533MHz FSB your memory could be restricted.

Ask thwe buyer what Make & Model this motherboard is also if its SDRAM or DDR memory.

  faulties 23:52 08 Aug 2006

As I've said it comes complete with the CPU

The guy selling it says he has a stick of DDR ram that he'll sell - extra of course.

Have asked what make & model the board is but he takes a while to answer so will have to wait for him.

  DieSse 00:05 09 Aug 2006

Whilst it's not impossible - a failed AGP slot is something I've never seen in many years building and fixing PCs.

Did it work before? - It seems a bit too co-incidental if it just happened to fail when you loaded WinME afresh.

Is it an old PC - it would need to be pretty old not to have a 3D graphics card.

Did you load the graphics card drivers?

What spec system, and what graphics card are we talking about here? - before you rush off and spend a fair bit more money.

  DieSse 00:06 09 Aug 2006

Maybe the new game needs a specific type of 3D card - I've seen some that do - this might only mean you need a different card.

  faulties 00:27 09 Aug 2006

The board is a K7*** whatever I forget the letters sorry, with an AMD 1.2Gh CPU. Graphics card is an MX400, does that sound right?

The game did work before we put the new (not new - it's second hand) hard drive in. Worked slowly though. The boy kept complaining about it stopping that's why I put a larger HD in as his was stuffed full!

When I now look at the game it needs a better processor, 2gh really which would explain it running slow.

As I said earlier I'm not happy to spend too much since his parents won't help. Feel sorry for the poor kid but how far am I supposed to go?

  DieSse 00:54 09 Aug 2006

I suspect that the reason for the slow running was the older spec system , not the full hard drive. It may also need more RAM.

The MX400 is definately a 3D card - did you load the nvidia GeForce drivers? - you would almost certainly need to. You can get them directly from nvidia.

And you may need the latest motherboard drivers, from the motherboard chipset manufacturer. If it's a Via chipset, you can get them from Via Arena.

Even if this fixes the "no 3D" problem, it won't make the system ready to run games well. That'll be down to how much money you're prepared to spend, I'm afraid.

  woodchip 15:22 09 Aug 2006

yes it's a Nvidia board

  gudgulf 15:49 09 Aug 2006

If the AGP slot was faulty I don't understand how you would see the message about not being able to render 3D graphics.It's just hardware 3D acceleration that is missing and that's down to the graphics card.......but it needs the correct,up to date drivers.

Agree with DieSse that you should try reinstaslling the NVidea graphics drivers...also make sure that DirectX is fully upto date.

The pc does just about meet the minimum reqirements:

"OS: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP
CPU: 1.4Ghz
RAM: 256MB
Graphics: 32MB (GeForce2 MX upwards)
DirectX: 9.0c
Disk Space: 2.5GB"

But only just......the mx400 is based on the GeForce2 graphics.

You are looking at upgrading the whole pc to gain any significant improvement.

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