AGP RAdeon X1950 Pro problem

  Armchair 20:59 12 Oct 2007

Bought it today, just installed it. HIS X1950 Pro 512MB AGP IceQ.

Removed old nVidia drivers, swapped cards, installed latest ATI drivers (downloaded from their site), restarted. Okay so far.

Noticed that opening and closing windows is a bit slow. Tried Far Cry, won't load. Tried Call of Duty 2, loaded but crashed when I tried to start a level (No Signal message appears on monitor, got sound still, but a blank screen). Tried Quake 3 Arena, starts okay, but crashes after a few seconds). Seems stable at dektop/web browsing/other 2D stuff.

Using VGA adaptor, tried it on both DVI sockets, same results.

The card itself is seated correctly, tried it with the 6 pin connector, and the double 3 pin adaptor, same results. GPU fan is working, hot air blowing out of the back of the case as it should be.

PSU? 400w Jeantech, dual 12V rails, 51A and 17A. Should be more than enough, because I don't have much installed. Old Pentium 4 at stock speed, 2 x 512MB DIMMs, 2 optical drives, 1 IDE HDD.

Any ideas? Get a DVI cable, possibly, and try that? Do you think my PSU isn't up to the job?


  Armchair 21:00 12 Oct 2007

Btw, that should read 15A and 17A!

  Armchair 21:52 12 Oct 2007

DVD playback fine.

2D games fine.

3D games all crash.

Temperature too high? Not enough power?

  citadel 22:12 12 Oct 2007

If you change from nvidea to ati it is best to run driver cleaner to get rid of the left overs. the psu may be ok but I would get a better one something like a corsair hx modular 520 or 620.

  mrwoowoo 22:13 12 Oct 2007

which o.s do you have.
Do you have framework 2.0 or 3.0 installed,as i believe you need to have this on your pc before you install your graphics driver.

  mrwoowoo 22:21 12 Oct 2007

Looking on the ati site it says that you must be signed in as an administrator or the driver will not install properly.
"Temperature too high?",i would say not as it is happening too quickly.

  Armchair 22:33 12 Oct 2007

Windows XP Home, fully updated.

Net Framework? I don't know..............

I tried uninstalling the new drivers, installing the drivers from the disc that came with the card. Same. Then I re-installed the latest drivers. Same.

Basically, a few seconds of 3D gaming and it crashes.

Not looking good. Disaster!

  mrwoowoo 22:58 12 Oct 2007

look in control panel>ad/remove programmes.if it's not there ,you don't have it.
You can get it from here.
You must uninstall your driver and install this first.
The best way to uninstall your ati driver is by using the driver disc that came with the card,which has an uninstall option.
As citadel says,make sure all nvidia drivers are fully uninstalled first.
Also you should have the latest dirsct x installed,although a good enough version should be installed when you install your game.

  Armchair 22:59 12 Oct 2007

It's almost as if the 3D rendering bits aren't working properly........ But that's ridiculous, right? It actually crashed on Quake 3's menu screen before!

I think I'll get a DVI cable tomorrow. Even if it doesn't solve the problem (and it probably won't!), I could still use it with my old AGP card if I have to send this one back.

  Armchair 23:02 12 Oct 2007

It's listed there, mrwoowoo, but it says:-

Microsoft .Net Framework (English) v1.0.3705

  umbongo(uk) 23:06 12 Oct 2007

k unplug both the optical drives
try a game tht dosent need the disc installed

if not plug one drive in

make sure the power connector tht is powering the card is seperate .. i say this if your using an adapter for a molex keep little as possible on the gfx cards power line

you dont say whether you ran a cleaner to get rid of the old drivers left over by nvidia

if you can try the card in another machine

any chance you can borrow a diffrent psu

check there no plastic film over the fan sounds strange i know ,but ive had it once

this pretty much covers it

you can always rma it back to the manufacturers or shop if its still not working as messing about with is will invalidate it

then if the second one comes and the same issues are back it means the psu is not giving it enough juice

you mainly get screen corruption if the 3d is up the spout

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