AGP or PCI...pls identify...!

  nick_j007 21:48 08 Jan 2006

click here

Um, I've placed this graphics card on Ebay to asked if it's AGP or PCI.
To be honest I don't know and would appreciate an educated guess. I assume this could be worked out by the appearance of the blade in my image?

Thanks for your help, and sorry for sounding like a bit of a plonker :-)


  Thalmus 22:10 08 Jan 2006

It's an AGP card

  hzhzhz 22:14 08 Jan 2006

Looks like a Radeon 9000 agp but not 100% sure.

  hzhzhz 22:16 08 Jan 2006

This is a radeon 9000 click here

  DieSse 22:21 08 Jan 2006

The two pictures are not the same - so you can't draw that conclusion. Look at the layout of the components - it's different.

  hzhzhz 22:25 08 Jan 2006

I said I wasn't 100% sure

  User-312386 22:28 08 Jan 2006

Its definately an AGP card, the hook at the back denotes the AGP (and in new cards PCI-EXPRESS)

  hzhzhz 22:29 08 Jan 2006

Anyway I think its a bit off, putting an item on ebay when you haven't got a clue about it.

  Stuartli 22:30 08 Jan 2006

It has the AGP locking slot on the right hand side.

It's a bit strange that you state: "This is a fast and capable graphics card ready to slot straight into your PC for an instant upgrade!" .."No cables required as it plugs straight.." and then query whether here it's PCI or AGP..:-))

  nick_j007 10:15 09 Jan 2006

Sorry to have caused a commotion!

AGP it is then.
I thought it was, but did not want to give the wrong information to a question I have. I put it under PCI memory too, so it's not gone too well!
Both images are the same I can assure you. I scanned the unit myself.
The unit is not from my PC, but I have been asked to sell it hence the mixed knowledge on my part.
Wish I was perfect like Stuart & hzhzhz ;-)

Thanks once again folks.


  Stuartli 11:39 09 Jan 2006

It's a gift - we just have to try not to abuse it...:-))

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