simonsup 16:02 19 Jan 2003
  simonsup 16:02 19 Jan 2003

Hi just found out you cant put an Agp graphics card into a AgpPro slot.
Whats the difference & where can i get an Agppro
graphics card for my Asus A7A266 mobo?

  PSF 17:18 19 Jan 2003

The main difference is the voltage.

My last pc had the same motherboard and I was using a GEForce 3.

My new pc has a A7V333 motherboard which is also AGP Pro. I am using a GF4 TI4600.

If you go for a GF4Ti you should be ok, also they have better performance than the GF4 MX cards.

  jazzypop 17:29 19 Jan 2003

click here for the difference between AG and AGP Pro.

FWIW, I just changed my mobo from an Asus A7V266 to an A7V333 (Northbridge fan died).

My GeForce 3 TI500 just went from one to the other, no problem at all.

  simonsup 19:09 19 Jan 2003


  grove34 21:07 19 Jan 2003

"""FWIW, I just changed my mobo from an Asus A7V266 to an A7V333 (Northbridge fan died)."""

i took my fan off of my msi kt3 ultra and put a copper silent northbridge heatsink on , no chance of the fan dieing and killing the mb

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