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  MikeyT 22:22 09 Jan 2004

I have rebuilt the interior of my Case with a newer Motherboard, a new CDRW, put a dvd on it and basically upgraded etc. However, The Motherboard has no onboard graphics and I am considering changing to one that has. My other option is to buy a Graphics card but am wondering if they come with drivers then will it work as the system is new, the HDD has been formatted and Windows XP loaded onto it. I get the feeling that the monitor will not show anything as the drivers are not present, yet how can i load the drivers without seeing on the monitor what i'm doing???

  norman47 22:39 09 Jan 2004

You will have no problem installing a new graphics card before the drivers, this is easy.

The important thing is find out what your current and also your new graphics card speed is. 2X or 4X or 8X. The reason being that they require different voltages. If say you put an 8X speed card into a board that has been running at 2X then the chances are you are going to blow that graphics card. The solution is easy in as much you have just got to alter the graphics card speed in the bios.

To physically change the card without the drivers is simplicity. With windows fully loaded, delete the current card in device manager and shut the computer down. Take the old card our and insert the new one. Now boot the computer, it will come up in standard graphics 600X480. Load the drivers and you are away with the new card.

  LastChip 22:50 09 Jan 2004

If you fit a graphcs card, the BIOS will recognise it first and you will get the initial boot information.

When Windows first sees it, it will load standard drivers that will get you into the operating system. However, the resolution and Colour selection will be basic, and it is this part of the operation that will change when you load the proper drivers for the card. XP may even find the correct drivers for the card, if it already has them in its library.

Generally, separate graphics cards will be considerably better than on board, so if I were you, that's the path I would take.

You will then gain full control over Colours, Resolution and a fair bit more on a modern card.

As an aside, I am puzzled as to how you have XP loaded without any access to a monitor. If you have it loaded from a previous computer version (ie. before you upgraded), the chances are, it will not boot into the system, as what is known as the hive, will have information stored that is considerably different to the equipment you now have.

  MikeyT 00:47 10 Jan 2004

For LastChip!!!

The PC was nacked. So i took the Hard drive and my OS and put it in a new PC with no HD. I then booted from CD and installed it. I have the license so figure that everything should be ok. Are you saying that I have to reload XP on new PC so it recognises it properly???????

  hugh-265156 01:05 10 Jan 2004

open up the the case,slot in the new graphics card and switch on the computer.

windows will find the new card and prompt you to install the drivers for it.

point it to your driver cdrom that came with the card or download and install the latest ones from ati or nvidia website.

you dont need to reinstall windows,just make sure you uninstall any previous graphics card drivers first if you are changing cards.

as you said above you will be building a new pc then just slot it in and install the drivers.

  LastChip 17:32 10 Jan 2004

It's probably me, but your not making too much sense.

What I am saying is, if you loaded the operating system on the computer that has the new motherboard, DVD etc. then all will be well. XP will have registered those components and will be a happy bunny!

If you loaded the system on an OLD machine and simply transferred the drive onto your NEW machine, XP will have registered all the various component parts of the old machine into the hive, and whilst minor changes wont be a problem, major ones such as a motherboard change, are unlikely to be accepted, and the system will fail to boot.

IF this turns out to be the case, then the only option is to reload the system.

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