AGP graphics card. Crash & Burn.

  lixdexik 20:06 23 Aug 2004

This is not really a cry for help as I have this computer up and running again, but I was wondering if this sort of thing is common when a graphics card goes futt?.

I was merrily using the comp and switched off as usual. The next person to switch on the comp was greeted with a message from WIN98 that it had repaired the registry files, as there were some damaged files. click ok to continue. So with no choice other than to continue we clicked ok. Norton Av came up in the boot process with error messages that it found some registry files for an application or device but could not find the application or device they referred to, if they have been deleted or removed try reinstalling them.

When the boot had finished the display was in 16 colour mode and only 600x600. my office toolbar had gone along with some other icons from the desk top, and many of the programmes would not run. I tried to change the display settings, but was unable to choose anything other than what it was set at. So I reinstalled the drivers, which installed without a problem but I was still unable to change the settings. I tried to reinstall windows over windows to see if that would sort things, but the error messages continued.

Having come to the conclusion that windows was now totaly corrupted, I did a format of the C drive and started again. Everything installed ok but still no change in the display settings.

having now decided that the graphics card was the problem,I went out to buy another AGP graphics card, but I could not get a new one that would work on this old motherboard.(SOYO SY-5EHM / 5EH5 V1.2 with an AMD KII 500 processor) I was told to try a second computer shop. But with the family nipping my head to get on line and the shops shut because it was Sunday, (it seems this was my fault.. I built the computer 5 years ago so it must be my fault)desperate measures were required. So I have put back my old PCI graphics card and removed my USB1 PCI card, which is a bit of a pain, as I can no longer use my scanner or camera with this comp. Anyway I have formatted again and reinstalled everything from scratch and here I am back up and running.

Sorry to have been so long winded, you have done well to read this to the end..

Like I said at the start, is this sort of thing common when a graphics card goes futt.???

Cheers Lixdexik.

  safemode 21:04 23 Aug 2004

graphics cards can go in various ways but most usually when there faulty they won't work at all ie. it'll stop the machine from booting.

but yes your experience is reasonably common, although this is usually down to the driver or windows installation being corrupt.

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