AGP is disabled

  firerescue999 13:04 15 Dec 2005

Im running a programme called Everest Home Edition. On Chipset, Device Description
North Bridge: VIA VT8377 Apollo KT400 it is telling me that AGP is disabled and this may cause performance penalty. Any ideas on how I can enable AGP. Thanks

  CLONNEN 13:18 15 Dec 2005

Do you have a graphics card inserted into your AGP slot?

If the AGP slot is NOT occupied that is probably why it is disabled.

I think the AGP slot can be enabled/disabled from within the BIOS settings.

Press and hold Del (or F1 or F2) when your computer first switches on to access the BIOS settings.

  firerescue999 13:30 15 Dec 2005

Yes I have a Radeon 9250 inserted in my AGP slot. I checked BIOS and it says it's on AUTO.

  uisquebeathus 13:48 15 Dec 2005

the logic defeats me if the agp was actually disabled you would not be able to sea a picture,
is it possible that you do not have AGP 8 enabled for this card to work best it should be set for AGP 8 in the bios
have a look here for some really good bios settings and tips:-
click here

  firerescue999 14:16 15 Dec 2005

Thanks for that, I will have a look in the bios settings. Is it possible that because I have a Graphics card and not an onboard card? That the programme is saying AGP is disabled.

  firerescue999 15:58 15 Dec 2005

I have gone into BIOS and AGP is set to Auto. I can't change this because the cursor wont move to it. Any idea's on how I can change it? Cheers. I wish I was better with technical stuff.

  961 16:06 15 Dec 2005

Before you take this as gospel try another system analyser

SiSoft Sandra or the Windows help centre may report differently

As stated above, if the AGP slot was disabled you would get a very poor display

Did the computer originally come with on-board graphics?

If you have a motherboard handbook consult to see how to alter AGP options in the BIOS

  DaveNic 16:24 15 Dec 2005

Have you installed the chipset drivers for the motherboard? That can sometimes cause AGP to be disabled

  firerescue999 17:58 15 Dec 2005

Thanks all, I have downloaded a chipset driver and it's working fine now, THANKS and a Merry Xmas

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