AGP card

  whatchamacallit 16:13 02 Oct 2005

Hi I have this agp card in my system GeForce FX 5700LE is it an 8x or 4x.

When running Everest Home Edition, Chipset reading = AGP Controller.
AGP Version 3.00. AGP Status Disabled. Current speed 4x

I have set Agp enabled in my Bios, is this card an 4x or is Everest home reading incorrect,

My System = Gigabyte GA7n400 Pro 2.v2.0
Amd athlon XP 2800
512mb (pc2700 DDR)
Nvidia GeForce FX5700LE (128mb)
OS XP Home.

  GaT7 16:38 02 Oct 2005

A 5700LE would normally be an 8x I'd say.

I have exactly the same mobo (Rev 1.x) & set 'Flexible AGP 8x" as 'Auto' - look in 'Advanced BIOS Features'.

What make is it? We can have a look on the manufacturer's website to confirm. G

  ade.h 16:38 02 Oct 2005

If my FX 5200 is 8x, then your 5700 is highly likely to be. Perhaps your motherboard runs at 4x (mine does).

  ade.h 16:39 02 Oct 2005

G - you beat me!

  whatchamacallit 16:47 02 Oct 2005

Thanks for your info,The make is Sparkle, I think this card an 8X AGP, but why does Everest home tell me it a 4x AGP.

Many thanks

  Stuartli 16:51 02 Oct 2005

The Gigabyte GA7n400 Pro 2.v2.0 is an AGp 8x motherboard and, as in the case of ade.h, I have a GeforceFX 5200 which is also 8x.

However, my motherboard is AGP 4x and I had to download RivaTuner to force it to "stick" on 4x, otherwise it would revert to only 2x.

See page 10 of this useful Tweak Guide to nVidia drivers and use of RivaTuner:

click here

  whatchamacallit 18:59 02 Oct 2005

Well my motherboard supports AGP 8X, the graphic card is also an 8X, but it still shows up as Agp 4x in everest home edition.

Iam going to post as Resolved, we know it not running as it should, but it works around 85%.
Thanks to all for your help.

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