AGP Bios upgrade, is it worth it?

  Mysticnas 13:30 05 Jan 2003
  Mysticnas 13:30 05 Jan 2003

I was just wondering...

Bios upgrades, is it worth the hassle? How do they work?

i've noticed there's a new AGP bios for my Leadtek GF4 Ti4600. Should i bother. I mean it seems to work fine now, but will it actually improve performance if i download the newer bios?

is it difficult to install them? i mean is it easy for things to go wrong?

The same question for my motherboard bios, if there's a new one out shall i ungrade it?

Thanks Nas

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:12 05 Jan 2003

If it aint broke dont fix it ,they work good now so why bother you could end up doing more harm than good.


  brianthesnail 14:14 05 Jan 2003

BIOS flashing is only for the suicidal.


  ellas 14:19 05 Jan 2003

best thing to do is to read what the readme says that will be with the bios upgrade and see what fixes,updates are in the upgrade, if the fixes would be a benefit to you and you think its worth the risk go for it,I did a mobo bios upgrade before installing a xp upgrade on 1 of my computers because I knew it provided xp support,still a gamble though so dont do it just because ones there,no its not difficult to install bios upgrades and if its the right bios things should not go wrong.

  ellas 14:20 05 Jan 2003

I thought I felt suicidal LOL.

  Mysticnas 14:30 05 Jan 2003

a bios upgrade doesn't do anything to what on the hard drive does it? i mean it don't wipe anything does it?

  ellas 14:49 05 Jan 2003

nope just fixes bugs or gives support for hardwar can add support for bigger processor to be installed or in my case support xp,no wiping anything off the harddrive,have you got a link to the bios upgrade you are looking at.

  DieSse 14:49 05 Jan 2003

A BIOS upgrade does not touch anything on the Hard Drive. It is simply an upgrade to the system start-up program inside a chip on your motherboard.

However if a BIOS upgrade fails for any reason, your motherboard will probably be unuseable, possibly for all time.

  Mysticnas 14:57 05 Jan 2003

it's a Gigabyte board. GA-8IR533, now on the box it says it's 533FSB,

but going onto the website, i look it up and it says it's 400FSB??? can this be an error on the site? i mean calling the board GA-8IR"533" i assume would mean that it has 533FSB???
anyways.. here's the link to site...

oh yeah.. apparently my the box says it comes with a @bios, a live update facility, it updates the bios through windows.

anyway the link.

click here

  ellas 15:18 05 Jan 2003

Supports Pentium® 4 Processor 2.4GHz or above

1. Fixed ECC can¡¦t be select when ECC DIMM is plugged
2. Fixed CL=3 DDR can¡¦t boot issue
3. Fixed 1min standby and 2min hibernation in WINXP issue

Support Winbond W49V002F EEPROM, are any of these worth doing a bios upgrade for your call.

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