AGP Adapter Speeds - How do you turn it on?

  igr 23:49 09 Oct 2004

Running an ATI Radeon 9200/128mb graphics card in AGP slot on PCCHips M848A 2.1 M/B - and latest Bios. XP2400 with PC3200 DDR memory.

On checking advanced properties in display settings the properties show options for AGP speed from OFF to 8x and Fastwrite OFF/ON. Changing these from OFF to 4x or 8x and ON I am prompted to restart, but on restart the settings are still set OFF.

I have checked the Bios settings and these seem OK. Has anybody got any ideas how to switch the The AGP speeds on?

  JonnyTub 00:13 10 Oct 2004

Have you set the agp speed to 8 in the bios?

  igr 00:18 10 Oct 2004

There is no provision in Bios to set the speed that I can see

  tony1160 00:20 10 Oct 2004

i think you'll find that you just have to get your mainboard cd, and then install the sis/agp chipset driver and when you reboot it will show AGPx8 but i think you'll find that Fastwrite is'nt supported and will stay on of,,,let me no if i'm correct, respect

  JonnyTub 00:20 10 Oct 2004

what bios is it and it's revision or version number?

  igr 00:39 10 Oct 2004


The Bios is the 07/07/04 revision.


Reloaded the AGP drivers(v 1.16a) from the motherboard cd and as you suggested the AGP driver switched on after re-boot to 8x. However fastwrite did not even though bios fastwrite has been enabled. Thanks for the help and I am now 'up to speed' ugh..

  dagwoood 01:34 10 Oct 2004

igr, the Smartgart component of the Catalyst drivers will test your system and see if it's capable of supporting fastwrite. Even if you've enabled it in the bios, if your cpu won't cope with fastwrite, Smartgart will automaticaly turn it off.

I'd read that you wont suffer much, if any, of a perfomance hit. I ran some benchmarks with fastwrite enabled and then disabled, and there was only a few hundred points difference in the scores. Fastwrite is also known to cause problems when running games and can cause system instability, so it's no biggy if you can not enable it.


  igr 11:18 10 Oct 2004

Thanks, I checked the Smartgart and it will not engage the Fastwrite. But if there is little loss of speed then I can live with it. Incidently, you suggest that it is the CPU that can not cope with fastwrite, which AMD CPU does?

  dagwoood 14:08 11 Oct 2004

I was mistaken in saying that "if your cpu won't cope with fastwrite". The fast write function is dependant on whether the card itself will support fastwrite and also whether your motherboard supports it.

As I understand it the 9200 does support fastwrite, you would have to check whether the chipset on your motherboard does.

Sorry for saying it was the cpu, I don't know where my mind was at Sunday morning, dagwoood.

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