Mastermind 00:52 01 Jun 2003

I've become slightly confused by the various AGP slots and which graphics cards are compatible with them?

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Also, what is compatible with an AGP Pro Slot (8x/4x)? How does it differ from a standard AGP Slot?

  Sion 01:03 01 Jun 2003

I don't think there is any difference at all between AGP pro and standard AGP. If there is a difference, its something technical I probably wouldn't understand. But i'm pretty sure they are both compatible with each other.

As for the different formats, (1X 2X 4X 8X) they are just to do with the speed of the card. Needless to say, 8X is the fastest, but an 8X card will work in a 2X speed slot, but it will run at 2X only. It works vice versa as well, a 2x card will fit in a 8x slot, but will only run at a maximum of 2x. Hope this kind of helps. Anything specifically you wanted to know?

  nigwel 01:09 01 Jun 2003

They are all the same slot, Newer AGP cards and Motherboardfs are up to times 8 X8. older MObo`s and cards are about X2.. AS Sion says they will run at the slowest setting that is on your system.. Its all to do with speed of data transfer.. that higher the number the better..

  Mastermind 01:09 01 Jun 2003

I didn't think that you could put a 2x card in an 8x slot because of the voltage differences.

I'm still interested to know the differences of an AGP Pro slot. Anyone know?

  DieSse 01:11 01 Jun 2003

click here

More power available on an AGP Pro slot.

  nigwel 01:18 01 Jun 2003

They should all be compatible.. Depends on the electrical signaling on the card... I think the Voltage is about 3.3 volts for the cards.. Check this link out.. click here

  The Sack 01:24 01 Jun 2003

An AGP pro slot usualy has a bit of it carded off cos if you shove a normal AGP card in the extra bit it will go bang.

  DieSse 01:33 01 Jun 2003

"if you shove a normal AGP card in the extra bit it will go bang"

Whilst this may be true, I would think it's physically impossible!

  Mastermind 01:43 01 Jun 2003

Thanks. I'd already seen that page, but unfortunately all it accomplished was to confuse me further.

(It's also slightly out of date I think.)

  DieSse 01:46 01 Jun 2003

What are you confused over?

I know the date at the top is old, but it refers to AGP3 specs, which are new, so I suspect the date may be incorrect.

  The Sack 01:47 01 Jun 2003

Hmmm isn’t not actually, you would be surprised what people think they can do and how they are so sure parts will fit in a particular slot with some gentile persuasion.

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