AGP 1X???

  c_norris1989 15:29 10 Apr 2005

My computer is a Tiny, one of the ones from back when it was just 'Tiny', not ''. Anybody else who's ever had the poor fortune to own a Tiny computer will understand why I hate it. Last summer I was forced to format it after being sent a new hard drive (the old one broke). They sent me a hard drive with Win ME on it like the old one but they didn't give me the right system disk with it, so, when it broke again I was no longer able to use system restore. By this time the old tiny was long gone, on the run I should imagine. I'd had to pay for the repairs to be done by its purchasers and the irony was that the expensive cover plan I bought with the computer now meant nothing. A few months after formatting it, I changed the graphics card from an nVidia TNT2 to an nVidia GeForce 4 MX440, then I upgraded it from Win ME to Xp Pro. Somewhere along the line the AGP port stopped working correctly and now the nVidia forceware driver claims it is working at 1X, I don't think this is probable or even possible but textures, transitions, shadows and lighting effects in games don't work correctly. I'm quite sure it isn't the card as I have tried another GeForce 4 card in it and it was the same, also, the one in it currently was in perfect working order before I put it in. Does anyone have a clue what to do? Unfortunately, though it would amuse me, I cannot afford to scrap this computer. Thanks.

  Technotiger 15:42 10 Apr 2005

Hi, sounds a mess! I would try a Repair using your XP CD.


  c_norris1989 15:44 10 Apr 2005

Don't think it ever worked on Xp.

  gudgulf 16:30 10 Apr 2005

Problems with the AGP running at lower than the speed it should are usually sorted by reinstalling the graphics drivers (use the latest version) and/ or updating the motherboard chipset drivers.My guess is that the motherboard drivers were for Me and when you updated to Xp you were left using the generic drivers from Windows.Can you identify the motherboard? .Everest Home click here should help you identify it.We can then help you find the drivers you need.

click here for NVidia drivers for your graphics card.

  Technotiger 16:30 10 Apr 2005

If you are now using XP and you have the CD, then I think it is still worth trying a Repair - it only takes minutes.


  Technotiger 16:32 10 Apr 2005

ps - failing that, perhaps the use of RegCleaner or similar might sort the problem.


  c_norris1989 19:11 11 Apr 2005

I've tried reinstalling the drivers, I even used 'Driver Cleaner' but that didn't help. However, the mainboard driver is probably wrong (that makes chronological sense), I'm downloading the suggested program now. Thanks!

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