AGP 1 v AGP 2 - second posting

  Rogerfredo 09:49 10 Jan 2004

A few days ago I asked the question " can I use an MX440 card with an agp v2 connector in my Gigabyte GA5AX mainboard which has a agp v1 slot".
One answer suggested this should be ok, an answer from another forum said the cards were definitely backwards compatible, so no damage would occurr.
I therefore tried it and it worked without any serious effect, although the result was not as good as I expected.
Now the card is back in my original computer,(a more up to date mainboard), there is no detrimental affect.
Imagine my surprise when I have just received a reply from the Gigabyte Technical helpline, stating that the board should definitely NOT be used, as voltages are different and damage would result.
I am beginning to wonder who is correct, as the whole exercise was to find a way of improving the graphics on my daughters computer.
Has anyone else out there got first hand knowledge of this?

  Diemmess 09:58 10 Jan 2004

I'm just chucking in some guesses and observations.

The mechanical fit seems to be the simplest answer, as a thread yesterday reported that his card would only insert when "back to front." therefore NOT the card to fit!

The newer cards are rated at about half the voltage of the older ones, and presumably if an old card can fit in a new slot then it will not be damaged, though may give a poor result.........
Conversely trying to run the latest cards at double the voltage, (if it can even be fitted) will lead to tears.

  Jester2K 10:06 10 Jan 2004

Whats the make / model of the MX440 card?

  Big Elf 10:10 10 Jan 2004

This is what I posted although I did say I wasn't 100% sure click here

  Rogerfredo 10:37 10 Jan 2004

My card is an MSI G4MX440.
I am not criticising anyones advice, but the point I am making is that the latest advice from Gigabyte (who ought to know) says that damage will occur, whereas my practical experience seems to bear out other advice that cards are backward compatible.
Incidentally, I would never attempt to fit a card the wrong way around.
Perhaps someone knows of a card that will work (and is still available) for this mainboard?

  Big Elf 10:47 10 Jan 2004

I didn't think you were criticising and was pleased that you asked for someone else advice.

I thought it might be useful to refer to the previous thread as it had the details of AGP standards.

  Rogerfredo 11:05 10 Jan 2004

At last I have found the answer!
Thanks for all advice to date.
The following web address is very informative.

click here

Sorry I don,t know how to create a link.
Perhaps you can let me know.

  Rogerfredo 11:06 10 Jan 2004

Ignore the link request. - I did not realise it was automatic!

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