Agere/Lucent modem not responding

  bruce 17:50 11 May 2003

P4 2.53Ghz, 512Mb DDR RAM, 80Gb, running XP Pro, bought for my silver-surfer mother, after previous consultation post (ended up with an HP F50S multimedia 15" TFT to go with it).

Worked it up at home last month, including installing its Agere/Lucent PCI Soft 56K modem, albeit I only used it once to check it was working on my back-up dial-up connection before installing and using my Alcatel Speedtouch USB modem, so that I could download more stuff for her on my broadband connection.

Took the new system down to her place this weekend. Uninstalled the Alcatel and its software, but then the Lucent failed to respond or, alternatively, didn't install properly, giving a 'Device cannot start - Code 10' error message.

Hardware Device Manager could never find the modem. The main menu of the device driver CD-ROM lists only W98 driver installation, which wouldn't respond, although the CD-ROM contains drivers for up to and including XP. I always had to install it from the list/have disk option.

I didn't drop it or rough handle it to/from the car.

Being unable to contact the vendor until Monday (when I'll have to try to deal with the issue over the phone and 150 miles away from the 'puter!), I tried everything I could and spent most of the weekend on it.

Variously uninstalled and re-installed, installed on all/selected and different COM ports (only COM1 and COM2 listed during installation).

Someone else suggested that internal modems should be on COM3 (mine certainly is, also on XP Pro), but I couldn't get the port settings right.

Re-installed/repaired XP, fdisked (after messing up the port settings), made a mess of re-installing XP (formatted to FAT32, fdisked again, then XP wouldn't load), installed W98SE (same problem with modem), upgraded to XP Pro - still same problem with modem !!

I added on a 1 year on-site warranty, so couldn't open the case to remove/replace the modem otherwise I'd invalidate it.

So now I'm back home and I've been able to do some research, I'm even more confused:

"Agere Systems Generic Modem Driver for LTWinmodem and PCI based modems using Agere Systems Chipsets."
click here

"The Soft Modem chipset is also known as Scorpio, LU97, CSP1037, or SV92P." - click here

"Lucent Technologies Modem Drivers - 30 drivers found."
click here

I would like to ask for a concensus of opinion (or any other suggestions) before speaking to the vendor tomorrow morning. Is it most likely to be a hardware fault (because of the warranty and the fact that I hate trying to sort out graphics/modem drivers, I hope so!) ?

Thanks in advance once again.

  bruce 20:51 11 May 2003


  woodchip 21:05 11 May 2003

What port does the manual say it should be on. Have you tied installin through Add Hardware wizard and pointing it to the disc

  woodchip 21:06 11 May 2003

PS do not forget how they do it now days Manual on disc PDF file!!!!!

  bruce 23:24 11 May 2003

The manual, which doesn't say which port to use, is a joke. Having said that, I'm speaking about the modem's manual (paper copy and .pdf file) ?

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