"agere modem call progress audio" in the task manager?

  theDarkness 02:00 27 Jun 2008

On my vista laptop i have "agere modem call progress audio" always running in the task manager. Is this for a dial up modem- pretty ridiculous in this day and age to have built in dial up on the latest vista op system? I tried googling around and its junk which should be deleted from one site, harmless deletable software the next.. anyone? Im not 100% on whether i have built in dial up or not. Clicking to connect to the net brings up a selection of either wireless, broadband or dial up. I know clicking on wireless can detect some devices, so that works! Anyone know about what the agere service does? I would never use dial up, if i ever do use the net on my laptop, ill use broadband, either home or wireless. Thanks for any info..! :)

  ambra4 03:39 27 Jun 2008

"Agere modem calls progress audio"

Part of the driver for modems using the Agere chipset

This service routes the modem's call progress out of your computers audio system

Just remove it from the start up configure in Vista

“Pretty ridiculous in this day and age to have built in dial up on the latest vista op system”

All laptop have a build in modem, just because you will not be using it; that it should be removed

45% of the people in the world do not have the use of broadband system and still use a dial up modem

I still use my dial up modem when I travel abroad if a broadband service is not available

But a phone line is always available worldwide

  theDarkness 02:29 28 Jun 2008

I just wondered, since the uk isnt in your estimated 45% of users not having broadband access.. unless they expect me to travel afar to countries where i am unable to use broadband! The company i bought it from sells uk only, as far as i can tell.. after noticing the modem process being there, i didnt realise that the majority of laptops bought today might still have dial up built in? Thanks for the reply! :)
Ps no broadband access currently on my laptop anyway, im still on a mobile, so i shouldnt moan! One modem is better than no modem. Although i think ill be very unlikely to use dial up unless i relocate to a rural area with limited telephone options :-) !!

  ambra4 19:28 28 Jun 2008

“The company I bought it from sells UK only”

But the laptop is not made in the UK but in China and sold worldwide under difference brands

name so they have to cater for all need worldwide not just for the UK

How would you feel if you bought a laptop without a dial up modem and your company “Relocate

you to a rural area with limited telephone options” no way to access a broadband or a mobile system

and BT say “Dial Up Only Available ”

I am sure you would be most upset that you now have to buy an external modem and cussing the

computer and software company for not installing a build in one

Dial up Modem still have their uses in this day and age, it like the floppy drive you might not need

it but millions of people still use it.

So one must always look at the bigger picture

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