Age of empires 3 problem

  Buckledee 08:19 18 Aug 2008

I have loaded Age of Empires 3 onto a 1.8Ghz celeron laptop with 1 Gb ram and plenty hard disk space. The game loads ok and the opening credits are also ok, but when the home city main menu screen appears the graphics go haywire and jump around all over the screen in squares and triangles. I have tried updating the mobile intel GMA 950 driver but to no avail.
Can anyone help?

  playerboy 10:03 18 Aug 2008

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  Slithe 10:37 18 Aug 2008

Age of Empires III is very resource heavy and the required specs on the box are not, in my opinion, a realistic list of what you need to play the game.

Your laptop spec may be the problem. Ideally, AoE III needs at least a 128 MB dedicated graphics card (although to see all textures 256 MB is better) and shared graphics are nowhere near enough. Similarly, the fact that your laptop has a Celeron Processor may also be a problem.

I got the game to run on my PC (never on my laptop though) and needed to update my Graphics Card to 256MB and add some extra RAM to make the experience really worthwhile.

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