After Reformat computer extra user account.

  birdface 15:47 28 Apr 2008

Hi.Borrowed A XP Home disk to reformat my computer last week and in user accounts there is a new account.ASP.NET Machine A.Limited account password protected.Anybody any idea how it would have got there.And would it be Ok to delete it.providing I can find the password.

  birdface 16:03 28 Apr 2008

Sorry should have googled it first.Will have a look through here=

  birdface 16:35 28 Apr 2008

Looks like it is better just to keep it.So will class as resolved.Anybody remember how to get past the sign in when computer starts.I have tried user accounts.Change the way users log on or off.By unticking use the welcome screen does not do it.

  Sea Urchin 17:10 28 Apr 2008

Skip the Welcome Screen

click here

  GaT7 17:12 28 Apr 2008

I had the same experience the other day. I just let it be as it's doing no harm & taking up very little space.

You can safely delete it unless you have projects click here. G

  birdface 18:01 28 Apr 2008

Thanks for that,gave it a try but as the extra user account is password protected and it will not work it also recommends not to delete the password.had a couple of problems with it.So I have decided just to leave it the way it was.Thanks for your help.And Crossbow 7 had a read of yours and like you will just keep it.Just reformatted and don't want to do it again.So better safe than sorry so will keep it. many thanks.

  woodchip 18:08 28 Apr 2008

That got on my computer and changed my log in. I just deleted the Account user and things was back to normal

  Sea Urchin 18:10 28 Apr 2008

I also have the ASP.Net account (password protected) on my system (XP Pro) but I quite easily disabled my Welcome Screen using the method on my link. You don't delete any passwords - just disable the requirement to use one for your own account. The ASP.Net account is unaffected.

  birdface 20:19 28 Apr 2008

Thanks for that will think about it.And Sea Urchin I tried it your way but a different connection box appears looking for a password so I just returned it to the way it was.

  Sea Urchin 20:59 28 Apr 2008

Yes, that's the password that you use to sign on to Windows at present, which in my case was blank.

  birdface 12:44 30 Apr 2008

Hi.Thought that I would give you the update.I deleted the ASP Net account.And now when I reboot the computer it by-passes the sign in at the welcome screen so job done.Many Thanks for all of your help.

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