Radiofan 15:41 23 Jun 2004

I have a feeling that I know the answer to this, but just in case. Once the recycle bin is emptied, does whatever was in it disappear forever? I ask this because, due to a bout of mental confusion (doh!) when re-installing PrintMaster, I managed to delete, via the recycle bin, ALL my projects. An awful lot of them. Were they also on a CD? Well, yes, but having reinstalled the programme I cleaned that off. I think I may have to bite the bullet and recreate them all. But if anyone knows any different........

  Old Shep 15:54 23 Jun 2004

Are you on XP can you system restore to prior to binning them.

  Sethhaniel 15:57 23 Jun 2004

such as
click here

But don't use computer as deleted items may be over written

  march 16:06 23 Jun 2004

would this help?

click here


  duckers 16:06 23 Jun 2004

Generally items you delete will have a bit set in the disk sectors used that says to the OS "You can overwrite this sector", they may still remain on disk for some time (until the OS overwrite them) and can be recovered using various programs. Depending on your disk useage the sectors will eventually be overwritten over a period of time making the overall file unrecoverable.

  Forum Editor 16:18 23 Jun 2004

but if your precious work was created in MS Office beware.......Microsoft Office files are complex, and contain components that relate to things like formatting (just try opening one in Notepad and you'll see what I mean). That means that just any old file recovery program isn't going to work properly - you'll need one that knows how to recover MS Office files properly. You'll akmost certainly have to pay for software that can do that, and if you

click here you'll find an excellent example.

  woodchip 16:35 23 Jun 2004

Plus if you have done other things on your comp after delete then you may have over-written the files

  wee eddie 16:46 23 Jun 2004

Do not use the PC until it goes to recovery.

Anything you do after deleting the files from the Recycle Bin will, potentially, over write those files.

  alan227 18:19 23 Jun 2004

click here
Try this program it is free and it works.
I have used it to recover E-Mails and Excel files

  Dorsai 18:59 23 Jun 2004

Well plenty of solutions...but to answer part of your question....

when you delete a file the file stays where it was, but the space it occupies is 'flagged' as 'unused' rather than 'in use'. this means that if your OS needs to move/save a file it can use the space the file is in, and put the new file over the top. If you are lucky the space your projects are in has not been needed for any-thing else, and are just waiting for you to recover them.

If you use a program like 'norton protection' it can help in this situation. When you remove/delete a file from the recycle bin norton takes it under it's wing so to speak. it stops the file being overwritten. it does this by sorta making the OS think the file is still the OS uses space on the disk that has either never been used, or that was used once, but ages ago, in the hope that you will realise your mistake quite soon. (typically norton protection expires after 7 days, giving you one weeks grace to realise your error, before norton decides that the file is really not wanted and frees the space for other files)

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