After re-installing Windows XP, what next?

  inkwash 19:20 10 Feb 2005

I have re-formatted my HD after spending many hours trying to repair Window XP to no avail.
I have installed Windows XP, but do not know what to do next. (1)Do I need to re-install the motherboard drivers? (2)How do I install all the other drivers, as they are not coming up on autorun?

  powerless 19:23 10 Feb 2005

(1) mobo drivers are good. I would install them.

(2) Explore the contents of the CD.

  GBL 20:16 10 Feb 2005

I had to reinstall my motherboard one to get the built in sound to work, I take it that you do not have all the driver disks for you set up. If I have any problems then I go into Add and Remove hardware, in the control panel and take it from there.
What other drivers are you wanting??

  inkwash 20:48 10 Feb 2005

I have plenty of driver disks:
Soundblaster Live 1024 drivers
USB 2.0 drivers
Monitor drivers
Firewire drivers, and a few others.
I have tried inspecting the disks but they each contain many files with rather meaningless titles.
If they will not autorun, how do I install them?

  harps1h 21:09 10 Feb 2005

what computer are you using now? if it is the one you reformatted i hope you have an anti virus on or you will be reformatting in less than 24 hrs

  dan11 21:13 10 Feb 2005

Have a look in control panel > system > device manager. Make a list of any entry's that have a yellow exclamation mark against them. This will be hardware that has not had the correct drivers installed.

It will be a start.;-)

  mrwoo 21:14 10 Feb 2005

you'll probably have to install drivers for motherboard chipset,sound,graphics and maybe modem. If it isnt obvious which CD's are for which driver, go to Device Manager & right click each device shown with an error,properties,driver tab, update driver & take the advanced option to browse CD's. It'll take a while if you're not sure what CD has got which driver on but will get there in the end.

  harps1h 21:16 10 Feb 2005

step 1 put on the motherboard drivers as they keep the system stable and put on any other accessories that are essential.

step 2 take on card at a time and load on the drivers taking care to reboot after each one.

step 3 put on sp1 and sp2 as these are essential to plug holes in xp and ie6

step 4 before you connect to the internet make sure that you have an anti virus loaded and working as well as a firewall. these are ABSOLUTELY essential before you go near the net!

step 5 go to windows updates and download all available updates for protection.

step 6 search out mozilla firefox and download it as it is less prone to attacks.

if you have any further questions mail me personally or give an msn address and i can instant message you

  inkwash 22:56 10 Feb 2005

Thanks for your help everyone. I'll have another try tomorrow when my brain has cleared a bit. Meanwhile, I'll just have to use my laptop for emails and the internet for the time being, as it refuses to recognise the Minolta Scan MultiPRO.

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