after a re-install of XP

  davewaway 06:13 29 Sep 2004

I've just had to re-install XP and I can't find a way to recover easily all the programs I had installed prior to the problem. They are all still in 'program files' but they either state 'please re-install' or do nothing. Is there an easy way, short of a full re-install?
Also what happened to the folders on my desktop - it looks very blank and explorer doesn't seem to find them?

  johnnyrocker 06:54 29 Sep 2004

did you do a back up prior to re install


  davewaway 08:20 29 Sep 2004

not as such - life's too short (maybe not now)
the question is more a matter of hope than expectation if you know what I mean

  JonnyTub 09:29 29 Sep 2004

if the programmes you have installed were from a disk, pop the disk in and if your lucky some of them might offer to repair the installation.

  Noelg23 10:04 29 Sep 2004

otherwise it that dont work it means re-formatting HDD and reinstalling XP that be sure to back up files first if you can...

  temp003 11:36 29 Sep 2004

Can you access the .exe files from the Program Files folders? If you double click the exe files, what happens?

  davewaway 06:19 30 Sep 2004

some of them work others request a reinstall (especially microsoft products)- as I said it's not a major pain (lies) but if anyone knows of a fix it would be nice. I've still got ALL my previous data both on cdr and on the drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:41 30 Sep 2004

Any program that installs files into the windows system / system32 folders and registry i.e. Office and most other MS progs, will have to be reinstalled from thier disks.

Thier registry entries will have been deleted when you reinstalled XP.

Sorry NO quick fix.

  It's Me 12:25 30 Sep 2004

I have all my programmes on a separate drive, put there when I installed them. I now assume that they would be useless in the case of a reinstall of XP. Is that correct.
With apologies to davewaway for using his thread to try to solve a worry of mine.

  temp003 13:01 30 Sep 2004

Your reinstallation of XP sounds like a repair installation, as you say all the programs inside the Program Files folder are still there.

I don't think this will solve your problem, but try updating Windows (which you must do anyway, since a repair installation brings all Windows system files back to original CD version).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:07 30 Sep 2004

Some programs will work ok, others need registry entries so will have to be re-installed to get windows to recognise them. Re-install to same location

Good idea to have your progs and data on a seperate HDD your documents saved games etc. will still be there to access when you have re installed.

If you use the settings and transfer wizard then maybe you don't need to re install your progs after a new install of XP as this will save all your desktop settings etc.

If you install XP over the top of the original XP (same location)all you get is a repair of the system files and setings stay the same.

A clean install (gets rid of all the crap) means an re -install of your progs required. Clean install windows XP
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